Hastily Mutated Archers

Krams 817

This is a rather old deck of mine and I'm publishing it now as long as it's still playable.
It's built around a janky idea and just isn't really good overall, but I had fun tinkering with it and wanted to share it.
Any comments are welcome :)

The deck idea

Hasty Mutation can turn any of the 10 small ICE into any of the 8 big ICE, while at the same time shuffling up to 2 agendas from HQ back into R&D.

The deck is rich enough to occasionally rez the big ICE the hard way (use Clones for Archers) and can build some pretty mean scoring remotes.

Originally, this deck didn't run Jackson Howard, because the Hasty Mutation is usually enough agenda flood control. But I needed some form of recursion to get the combo pieces back and use them again and after some tinkering I somehow ended up with leftover influence, so I replaced Preemptive Action with Jackson. Which is kinda stupid, because the original idea was to use the combo as a Jackson replacement.

The main problems

'Gimmick' glaciers are bad.
This deck has a janky way to rez big ICE cheaply in order to build up a defense in order to play old school Netrunner. That's fine. Unless, of course, the runner doesn't want to play old school.
Runners who don't run screw this deck over. I tried Executive Boot Camp in order to fix this, but it doesn't really do enough in most games and you'd need 2 or 3 copies to get it when you need it. Influence isn't tight, surprisingly, deckslots are.
Efficient rigs can easily screw any glacier once they're set up. And this deck is too slow to win without the runner setting up. A few Caprices aren't going to change the fact that rich runners can walk all over your defense. And basically all runners are rich.
Early pressure from the runner can be too much for the deck, because it takes some time to set up the economy and lay out the small ICE. Siphon really hurts if you can't find Vanilla/Quandary fast enough or they find an answer too fast.
ICE destruction can hit the deck pretty hard, because the small ICE are so fragile, while the big ICE are so hard to replace.