Stevepocalypse C2Rb

ransomman 314

Apocalypse til you dropalypse.

The old version of this deck included cards like Account Siphon and Keyhole to keep the Corp oppressed. Now that those cards are gone, this archetype has taken a hit in power. However, it can be so much fun to stick it to the asset spam decks out there. The one-two combo of this deck is to Apoc and then the following turn hit rnd with Indexing.

The game plan is fairly simple.

1.) Turtle up by drawing and gaining credits until you have enough money (and potentially enough bypass cards) to make successful runs on all servers.

1b.) Due to some click-losing cards on the corp side make sure you have doppelganger on the table to help you make enough runs!

2.) Apocalypse.

3.) Index or Legwork the next turn.

4.) Use Steve to get Apocs back and repeat.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

25 Sep 2017 thoronas

Love the deck. Always a fan of Stevepocalypse. Why add exclusive party over something like special order and econ cards?

25 Sep 2017 ransomman

I was thinking of adding express delivery for the Apoc retrieval, but Exclusive Party has been working out nicely for thinning out the entire deck. Theres also the side benefit of using Steve to get more of them in hand if you want. Definitely a flex spot but it works for me.