Steve's Gone Swimming β

obscurica 1302

Mid-level overhaul to Steve's Gone Swimming. Since Aumakua+Dean Lister is a core function for the deck, bumping the turtle up to a full set makes sense.

Additionally: Earthrise Hotel is nice "drip" draw, but it's somewhat mediocre for the central premise. Instead, borrow some tech from Geist: use Sports Hoppers instead, so as to allow on-demand hand-size "burst" to surmount high-strength ice. As with everything else with Steve, you can use HQ runs to recur hoppers if nothing juicier is available.

That's also possibly reason enough to ditch Film Critic as the deck's single Restricted card, and go with Employee Strike instead, so as to have a better time against CI strats. It's not the perfect answer into that archetype (or ranges of archetypes based around the ID) -- scoring out or replacing with their own currents resets the field to their advantage, and their card draw is to such an extent that they can reliably get the pieces together for its removal. But a well-timed estrike will still set them back turns, a normally timed one will still resentfully force them to spend clicks to deal with it, and a trashed estrike is still something Steve can recur, acting as a constant threat with every HQ run.