Liberated Ayla

ntahfs 452

Liberated Chela Ayla

AKA Honest Runner

For a sweeter, more peaceful Netrunner

The idea behind this deck is to win without stealing. The ideal path to victory is to let the corporation score a single agenda while you have some fan sites installed and then score 2-3 Chela. Then on the next turn score some notoriety.

Of course, this strategy doesn't always work, and even an honest runner might be forced to steal. If the setup takes a little longer than expected and/or the corporation chooses to forfeit additional agendas in order to deny Chela, it may be necessary to steal those last few points.

Ubax and Beth Kilrain-Chang help gain tempo during setup. The click gain cards provide extra clicks to liberate Chela and gain notoriety (hyperdriver should also be used to gain tempo). Eater is the only breaker you need because you are an honest runner. You don't want to steal unless you have to, so there's no need to access. The rest is just economy.

You will probably only need enough credits for three runs (HQ R&D and Archives) on the turn you score the necessary notoriety. With Eater, that can be anywhere from 1 credit (for 1-subroutine under 3 strength) up to 9 for something like chiyashi (with 8 strength and 3 subroutines). Be sure to credit-up accordingly.

By the way, this can play as a more standard style runner with the liberation as a backup plan. But, in my testing I've been focusing entirely on the honest runner strategy and trying my best not to steal.

Give it a try! It's an interesting playstyle.


1 Oct 2017 StarlightCrusade

Love the idea! It fits together with her flavor in so many ways. No cards from the restricted list?

2 Oct 2017 ntahfs

I could see dropping 1 Beth or 1 leprechaun for something restricted (maybe magnum opus), but I don't think it really needs it.

2 Oct 2017 StarlightCrusade

I was thinking maybe using Magnum Opus instead of the Liberated Accounts. LIberated Account really doesn't fit your theme, and the extra influence might be nice.

2 Oct 2017 ntahfs

Fair point. It's as good or better economy with magnum opus and it frees up 6 influence. I could see the following changes.

  • -3 Liberated Account
  • +1 Magnum Opus
  • +2 DDoS

Thanks for the feedback!

3 Oct 2017 DonLoverGate

I was about to make this deck! Thank you for saving my time!

What about Sacrificial Construct + Tapwrm instead of Liberated Accounts to waste the corps time?

3 Oct 2017 ntahfs

Sure. No problem. This deck "saves time". (pun intended) I'm not sure tapwrm would work well enough. Not as well as magnum opus, but it's worth a try. Give it a shot.

4 Oct 2017 Krams

One year ago, I had a deck called I bring my own agenda points, which also featured 3x Notoriety, 3x Fan Site, 3x Liberated Chela, 1x Eater, 3x All-nighter and 3x Hyperdriver, just like yours.
There were quite some differences though, of course, because that was a year ago...
But I think the core problem I encountered back then still remains: You easily get close to winning, but it's hard to actually pull it off.
Basically, if the Corp realizes what you are trying to do, they'll always foreit an agenda to stop a Chela. They know that 2 Chelas + 3 Notos are a win, so they will deny you 2 Chelas and leave you with 5 points. (Unless you can pull it off before they can score twice, but you have to be very lucky to be that much faster.)
And since you have a hard time stealing, neither Mad Dash nor "Freedom Through Equality" is really useful for extra points.

Both your decklist and the comments here are very inspiring - I think I'll try to make up some hybrid of my old deck, your deck and some of the suggestions here.
But I'm still not sure how to get that one agenda I need to actually steal :D

4 Oct 2017 ntahfs

I think I remember seeing your build. Nice job! I'm glad to hear you have renewed interest in it.

The time may be right for this sort of build. It could be a good fit in a meta with click loss via austerity policy.

Thanks for the kind comments.

4 Oct 2017 Krams

Right now, I'm struggling with deckslots, trying to fit in the Ashes as well as the Tapwrm + Clot + SacCon package, some draw, a full set of fallback breakers (opting for Lady + Gordian + Na'Not'K).
I'm already ditching any Daemon shenanigans (hooray for plain old paying for Hyperdriver!) as well as my Apocalypse + Feint + Indexing backup plan, but I'm still at ~60 cards. So what else isn't needed? My original deck had no SMCs, but ditching those kinda feels bad if I want to keep the breakers and support programs.
Maybe I can go without the Ashes or reduce them to 3.
Cutting on the draw kinda feels contrary to the point.