Weyland Tower of Power (First Rotation)

glassjoe 11

For those unfamiliar, the goal of a "Tower of Power" -style deck is to create a corp deck with the largest number of cards possible. The limiting constraint for a corp ends up being agenda points; not influence.

So the deckbuilding process begins by including the maximum number of copies of all legal agendas. This also makes our MWL restricted card decision for us because this necessitates Global Food Initiative. All neutral and Weyland agendas yield a total of 91 cards worth 183 points. This means our maximum deck size is 454 cards, which less the 91 agendas is 363 cards.

I made an effort to grab anything remotely resembling an economy card, but the deck is inherently very high variance, which is part of its fun. It becomes apparent quickly after including all good cards that the deck will have to incorporate a bunch of situational/marginal cards.

I spent the influence available on two copies of Localized Product Line and two copies of Daily Business Show. I tried to select cards which would have a high impact in games they were drawn because the chance of drawing any card is quite small. DBS should help filter the good cards from the bad, and there will be plenty of bad ones. Localized product line can be used to grab a bunch of Hedge Funds or IPOs or Hostile Takeovers to help you have a shot at winning.

So give it a try! Every game is unique, except that the deck tends to lose a lot. Which is part of the fun, I'm told.