Kingbin - 1st Starlit Citadel GNK 10/01/17

cillit_bangarang 92

Stole Turtle/Dean tech from for my own take on rotato Geist, originally inspired by

2nd Levy could well become something like a wasteland and 3rd OCA.

6 Oct 2017 emilyspine


Nice work, Danny. #binz4life

6 Oct 2017 DonLoverGate

I like it.

Do you have a plan for Scarcity of Resources? What do you think about Information Sifting to get around CI?

10 Oct 2017 cillit_bangarang

@DonLoverGate weep?

Seriously though. I had scarcity played against me round1 turn1, and still managed pull through, though it was a terrible slog. Legworks and DDM help snag agendas to clear it. It might be worth dropping the Mad Dash for a 2nd Freedom so as to be able to clear it at will.

I've not played any of the current CI builds, though I generally don't like cards which are only relevant in one specific matchup. (Unless that matchup accounts for the majority of your games of course). Legwork would be the obvious swap.