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obscurica 1297

After extensive JNet testing, three big lessons learned from the previous iteration:

  • Punitive Counterstrike doesn't actually do anything if 6/7 of your agendas defend themselves.
  • Hokusai Grid doesn't persist long enough to be anything more than a slight nuisance, even if they've ran through a ton of crippling ice.
  • Runners will constantly end up just barely within Neural EMP range, and then disappointingly you don't have anything in hand to take advantage of it.

Otherwise, it works pretty well! Some really clutch wins at times. Though Punitive was arguably a core card, I'd overlooked the non-interactive nature with the 5/3 agendas in this deck. Rather, if you want to kill, you might as well kill more surely.

4 Oct 2017 Saan

Hm, I've been playing with a similar deck, and disagree about the Punitives. If the runner steals an Obakata, they basically die on the spot from the Punitives. Neural just doesn't pack as much as a threat. I guess you can occasionally kill them with it if they hit Snare!s and don't think about that before access.

Here's my deck for comparison:

I felt that MCA was imperative, as Film Critic basically kills the entire deck. Same with "Clones Aren't People," so that I only ever have to score 2 agendas to win. I tried playing with 2 Clones, but then sometimes you don't find one when you need it. Consulting Visit is basically just 2nd MCA and 4th Punitive, although I've used it to find Clones on an occasion, which was nice, and makes me thing that perhaps I can go back to only 2 Clones.

Anyhow, the deck seems neat.