Light Em' Up

SaltySalamander 26

Hola amigos. Today I have created this masterpiece of a deck. I have been an avid Spark player in the past, but it has never had that thing it needed, however now it got what it does need, a META shift. Due to the recent card bans and the new Core Set 2.0, many core economy cards are gone, leaving many runners without a central economy. To take advantage of this, I have created this deck. It runs WAY too many advertisements and it will leave you're opponent crying. It also takes advantage of new advertisements such as Marilyn Campaign for theoretically, infinitely many advertisements played, and CPC Generator. I think this deck can be very strong in the current meta (even though it has not shaped yet). My only problem right now is card draw and I am currently revising this list, so post any comments or suggestions below. Now go and make those filthy criminals cry for getting their money taken for once (get it... because account siphon is dead ;)

4 Oct 2017 N0madic

I would consider potentially a Daily Business Show. That card use to do plenty of work way back when, and I think with the restructuring of the meta that it might have a place in more a attrition style deck once again.

4 Oct 2017 SaltySalamander

@N0madic I have definently thought of that, possible take out the special offers in place of dbs or even special report to get rid of cards I don’t need.