Null Tag Me - SF/Glass House

Joseki 2495

This is a runner we've been working on for a while. People definitely have had lists doing similar things, but we pivoted to more of a Reg-Anarch twist, largely to combat the breakneck speed of the strongest corp decks.

We've been working largely on ways to beat both Prison/Asset Spam and CI decks, since we felt like if we had coverage against both of those strategies, that would be the most likely way to win.

I don't think this exact list is what I would play in a month, but its moving closer and closer in a direction I think I like. You can make this list into a lot of different things based on how you want to play the meta.

  • The resource package isn't mandatory, but I expect Best Defense will be a somewhat prevalent card at this tournament due to people playing Sac Con, Tapwrm, Misdirection, Same Old Thing, and Aeneas Informat with regularity.

  • Going tag me's main problem is people who play multiple tag punishment effects. Generally speaking a single one isn't a huge issue.

  • I am playing Shrike for Komainu and Tour Guide.

  • Null is in general quite good with conspiracy breakers, as his ability will usually save you 3c each time you use it. Maxx is "faster" than null, but has the problems of requiring Levy and milling cards you may want. This deck Pivots over to Mopus, Stimhack, and Conspiracy breakers /SMC to have the ability to play a more standard game while building up tags.

I think this deck is a tough sell, but I haven't given up on it just yet. I think it can be made faster and more resilient through testing, which gives me a lot of hope for the archetype. Not quite sure what direction to take it in at this point. It may be worth dropping SMC and 1 other influence for 2x Special Order to get the tag train rolling faster, and make it so you rely less on Inject/Ret Run for getting out your God of War early.

4 Oct 2017 Halarith

"People definitely have had lists doing similar things"


4 Oct 2017 Frogblast

"I expect best defense will be a somewhat prevalent card at this tournament" lol

4 Oct 2017 spags

@samrs noted this was extremely close to a list of his. smh

4 Oct 2017 stephenball

How are all of these still up? How can a person be so clueless?

5 Oct 2017 zmb

I use Code Siphon for tutoring multiple God of War wich speeds up the deck considerably! Also 3 Amped Up for when I have gotten Obelus out. Would +1 Dean Lister he is just too good with GoW.

5 Oct 2017 JohnnyMilton

Yeah, this is basically what I planned for this archetype post-rotation. 2x Special Order for sure.

5 Oct 2017 spags

'People definitely have had lists doing similar things,'

but, those dex sucked. #nothinggleaned