Brahman Prophecy (tweaked)

obscurica 1298

So this pretty much ended up a lot better than any other runner deck I'm currently trying, and it started out from a few glib asides on Stimslack about Brahman/Oracle May abuse. With Magnum Opus as your restricted card, the extra memory from Chaos Theory: W√ľnderkind to help ensure stable Data Folding drip, and Scavenge/Test Run support, you end up with an absolutely gross amount of money.

The fact that you can guarantee that Dhegdheer gets proper usage thanks to the Brahman/May loop just helps matters, especially once you have the time and opportunity to dump a Deep Data Mining down their R&D. Though you end up remote-camping for most of the game, the occasional DDM can really swing things in your favor.

Updates: Y'all convinced me. Here are the changes:

  • -1 Caldera, +1 Feedback Filter
  • -1 Mongoose, +1 Na'Not'K
  • -1 Deep Data Mining, +1 Information Sifting
  • -1 Scavenge, +1 The Turning

HQ Interface gives you more hand pressure; more useful vs CI and more leverage against FA decks that are trying to chain out a fast score from under you. That still left me a point of influence, so -- well -- why not double down on multiaccess? Have a third Turning Wheel to guarantee it comes along.

Unfortunately, squeezing that in means getting rid of one Scavenge, but Scavenge's proven less useful overall than Test Run (note the lack of May synergy), so going down to one doesn't necessarily hurt.

5 Oct 2017 obscurica

Note: it's also possible to dump the DDM plan entirely and go with 2 Indexing and a Mad Dash somewhere for R&D control. If you go with the Mad Dash, drop a single Magnum Opus. With only 40 cards to go through, it doesn't seem to be negatively affecting the odds of a turn-one install or fetch for your primary econ.

7 Oct 2017 RvdH83

If you go 2 Indexing and a Mad Dash, maybe drop a Dhegdheer instead of a MOpus? Since you only need 2 MU for Data Folding.

7 Oct 2017 Grimwalker

I tried this out and I just got mauled. It seems like it has too many moving parts: you need to drop a Magnum Opus on Dhegdheer, then you need to find the right breaker to deal with whatever they're gear-checking you with. Jemison and HB waltzed to 7 points, CtM put me in a choice over letting them do the same or letting them put me in tag hell.

7 Oct 2017 obscurica

@Grimwalker Don't bother dropping the mopus on a Dhegdheer, starting out. It's more important to get the early money. You can Scavenge it later, if you have to -- or reinstall a second Mopus, getting rid of your first, for better positioning.