Palana Frosties - Post Rotation Top-Tier Deck

RubbishyUsername 434

This deck isn't original, being based on this list that saw some brief popularity last Christmas when DNA Tracker came out, but updated for a turtle or conspiracy breaker based meta. Having said that, publish unrefined-but-clearly-strong decklist before others with similar ideas and acquire all the internet points, am I right? Man it feels good to be playing real netrunner though, and this is definitely the best glacier deck out there post rotation. RIP Engineering the Future.

Early HQ and R&D pressure is at an all time low, awkward and slow runner economies usually don't mean almost infinite money, and there's an over-reliance on Dean Lister. So this deck is already at a huge advantage with it's access to unfair cards like Marcus Batty and Nisei MK II (the latter of which always makes me giggle). From there, it's mostly about hating on whatever you're most likely to see in your local area. turtle and the Tapwrm engine, which are IMO the closest thing runners can get to economy outside of Magnum Opus, suffer immensely from a well timed Cyberdex Virus Suite. You may want 3, but even without it, it's not like this ice could be much more expensive for those cards to break. With no Parasite, Anarchs find the grail ice suite significantly more painful, and basically untouchable with Mumbad City Grid doubling subroutines with every encounter. Our 15 economy cards keep the ice we need rezzed against any other types of shenanigans (our ID counts for 6 of them).

While Pālanā Agroplex was a matter of personal preference before, no Jackson Howard (don't cry, stay strong reader) means we need to include some draw cards to find agendas and grail ice to hold in the hand. And, if we're honest, this card was the only other playable card draw pre-rotation that's still available. Preemptive Action works as the other half for recurring upgrades and saving agendas. (Gee Boggs, why won't you let me recur my entire server faster than it took me to build it, at almost no cost, like Damon did? I preferred my old Dad.)

Some random notes. I've recently swapped Vanilla for Himitsu-Bako since it stops a purged turtle and we can put it on a central early when our ice choice is awkward and move it into the remote later. Global Food Initiative for Obokata Protocol is a controversial choice, but it's the right one. Decks like this one can usually expect to lose one agenda to central server pokes and one agenda to rabbit-out-of-the-hat remote tricks; also you usually want to score two 4/2 agendas and then finally a 3 pointer. In that case, if they get into the remote, doing 4 net damage is significantly worse than losing. I also like it in case they find Film Critic in their opening hand to combine with an early snipe on a 3 pointer. You also can swap Voter Intimidation for Scarcity of Resources then and stuff stealth decks and Hacktivist Meeting.

Finally, I'd like you to observe that (apart from Revised Core Set cards) this deck contains no cards from the Red Sands cycle. If I say that I think this is the fairest tier 1 deck in the current meta, I think that should tell you what I think about that cycle. Some people have been experimenting with some Obokata Protocol/Data Loop or even some other spice in Palana but I think the data will show that for once, actual, normal, netrunner will win out against the oppressive invasive combo decks. Anyway, shots fired you guys.

8 Oct 2017 IonFox

Glad to see you're enjoying the grail palana ^w^

I would personally drop crick for another scarcity, but otherwise your list looks suoer good. Watch out for anarchs recurring cutlery though, this deck is still weak to ice destruction.

8 Oct 2017 MrBuggles

I've been working on exactly this deck style too! So overall gameplan is broadly the same, with a couple of key differences. Also please note that I haven't tested too much either, so these are just comments not advice for improvement!

First up, I have Obokata over GFI, based on the fact that my ideal situation for the scoring server is having Komainu as the absurdly taxing ice. The only efficient way to deal with that (aside from shrike or switchblade) is for the runner to take all the net damage, jack out and run again. And I'm not overly worried about critic - assuming only Shapers are running it, that means they aren't running opus, which means they probably can't beat this deck anyway.

I've also gone to 21 points with the third 3-pointer instead of philotic - the thinking being that you can open massive scoring windows here, and not having the 3-pointer to score when you want to can be crippling.

Second, I spent the GFI and Ash influence on 3x Fairchild 2.0 instead. Despite the relative lack of early central pressure from runners, I was still finding myself constantly wanting to save ice for the remote (and keep in hand, in the case of the Grail). FC2.0 is so stupidly taxing and such a horrible facecheck it does work all game. I also felt like Ash being another trashable made centrals more vulnerable than I would like.

Finally, and actually this is a suggestion, I reeeally would run at least two scarcity, or none. It doesn't do enough anything if you find it late. Given you only have two 3-pointers, how about a Clones are not people to make scoring out with just 3 agendas easier?

8 Oct 2017 RubbishyUsername

@IonFox that's definitely a suggestion I can get behind. I do feel like I'm running a little low on ice at the moment, so I may make another change to fit in an Enigma or something.

@MrBugglesIt's worth pointing out that if they do go to 0 cards for Komainu you can flatline them with Marcus Batty into a Merlin sub. Still though, I think I get the impression that we're playing the deck differently, since my abundance of defensive upgrades and relatively low ice count means that I'm quite content with using up all my grail ice on centrals - even if that means not holding any back in hand - knowing that I'll draw into more by the time I want to build a remote. I've yet to need a 3 pointer that I haven't been able to find by turn 20, but then I rarely shuffle them in with Preemptive Action so having 2 seems pretty safe. Philotic Entanglement also enables a never advance score since the runner is inclined to believe all unadvanced cards are upgrades.

Something I haven't mentioned is how effective I imagine GS Shrike M2 and the cutlery events are against this deck. I don't really have any solutions to that, but I haven't seen them played much. Thoughts?

9 Oct 2017 MrBuggles

Regarding shrike and/or switchblade, I think you just rely on Galahad (or Merlin, if you really have to), to be the taxing multisub ice, rather than komainu. I haven’t played against any cutlery myself, but I’d be surprised if it was too much of a problem with two preemptives, and Anarchs being quite poor.

I definitely am playing the deck a little more rushy than you I think, although I have removed my fast track after a couple of games over the weekend.

Here’s my list to make discussion easier:

It’s actually become more similar to yours than it was before.

I was avoiding data loop before, thinking that it would just be too janky, but my thinking is now:

The biggest threat to this deck is opus, if they get to a point where they can run the remote twice in one turn. The only real solutions to that, outside of getting lucky with batty, are to rush, and now, scoring obokata behind data loop. I decided I wanted one out that doesn’t rely on taxing credits - time will tell if this is worth the two influence.

The other big threat for me is critic, but that means they aren’t running opus so I can probably just tax them.

The biggest difference is my lack of turtle/tapwrm hate, but I think this is a meta call - turtle isn’t even that bad seeing as we’re taxing with subroutines rather than strength, for the most part