Iain’s HQ B(lock) Party

BreakAway8 47

I’ve always liked Iain. I like that he’s rewarded for coming second in a two horse race (a position I often find myself in). This deck is highly derivitave of CapAp’s Iain’s Creepy Sleepover so first of all a big shout out to them!

The idea of the deck is to bring Iain into the MWL 2.0 world. Adopt, adapt and improve, right? Without Jackson Howard HQ is the Corp’s metaphorical jugular and so begins Iain’s plan for throwing a rager of a b(lock) party.

Set up the venue with Off-Campus Apartment.

Invite your friends! Friends of friends are also welcome. And if they have friends too, bring them along as well. Dean (Dean Lister) knows Max (Maxwell James) who knows Hernando (Hernando Cortez) who knows... this guy (Underworld Contact) who also knows this scary lady (Tri-maf Contact) who also knows this poor sod (Fall Guy) and so on and so on. Each time someone joins the party they send out an invite to all their friends (sort of like Candy Crush or a Ponzi scheme). While guests are arriving it’s also prudent to call in some favours (Calling in Favors) in order to boost revenue.

Logos tutors for cards while the Corp goes about their business scoring agendas. Doesn’t matter to Iain as he gets paid to come last.

Rabbit Hole is that extra link for when Maxwell James decides to take stupid amounts of time to arrive. Underworld Contact just stands in the corner sadly nursing his earpiece if he doesn’t have Max or Rabbit Hole to boost his signal strength.

Finally (usually when the Corp is at 5-6 agenda points) it’s time to lock HQ. Iain uses a special cologne for getting through the front door (Pheromones). Make run after run on HQ until you’ve seen every card. Then use some insider information (Corporate Defector) to know every card the Corp manually draws. If you see them brewing up another agenda in HQ.. run HQ!

This deck is fast; games have never gone over 20 minutes. It’s often that it’ll install 4 and draw 4 in a single turn. Very rarely has money been an issue. It’s also lots of fun.

9 Oct 2017 Pinkwarrior

@BreakAway8 I like Iain 2. I find it odd however that you haven't taken a single restricted card tho personally id take a few Film Critic's because their so powerful and work with your ID keeping agendas out of your score area to keep it firing.

9 Oct 2017 RubbishyUsername

Why would you run 2x Maxwell James and a Rabbit Hole when you could just run 3x Maxwell James? Cheaper, doesn't cost an influence, connection synergy and you don't actually have to trash it but it's still possible???

9 Oct 2017 BreakAway8

@Pinkwarrior - I don't like Film Critic so I don't play it.

@RubbishyUsername - Can you have multiple Maxwell James installed at the same time giving you 3 link (combined with Iain's starting link)? No. I had an influence left over. Rabbit Hole provides permanent link; if I were to trash Maxwell James I would be left with only 1 link thus making my Underworld Contacts useless.

9 Oct 2017 Pinkwarrior

@BreakAway8 Fair enough you don't like a card so you don't play it i can understand that, However my point was more that your not using any restricted cards their all on the list because their powerful so it seems to silly to not include 1 of them even if you just go for Employee Strike or Gang Sign their on that list for a reason so id look at using them.

In regard to the 1 off Rabbit Hole i feel this is also a waste more so a waste of inf. without another to go look for your wasteing half the cards ability when you could be running a Dyson Mem Chip / a Sports Hopper that will give you other options. Personally id go for the hopper as at least that gives you either a draw if you need it or a last resort draw to avoid a BOOM! or Ronin death or something like and freeing up that inf for something more useful.

10 Oct 2017 BreakAway8

@Pinkwarrior I understand that the restricted list has powerful cards on it. But I don't think that a deck needs to include a restricted card in order to win.

BOOM! and Ronin are damage cards that are mitigated by the include of Guru Davinder; this deck is very rarely not flush with credits so paying the 4 to stay alive at the expense of including a card that I do not own in meatspace is fine with me.

Gang Sign is the most probable include for me at the expense of 1 or 2 Special Orders. This deck hurtles through itself so fast that I rarely need to tutor for breakers. I don't really feel the need to swap Rabbit Hole for Dyson Mem Chip; the extra MU isn't necessary given I'm running 5 programs max (Logos picks up the slack).

10 Oct 2017 YankeeFlatline

I get that using film critic is pretty cheesy as a ubiquitous tech card, but in Iain it does a lot more than the usual "stop hunter seeker" and "steal obokata" preventative stuff. It activates his ID in a serious way. It's a lot more interactive, since you'll often leave agendas on it instead of putting them in your scoring area, so the corp can trash her and get the agendas back which is a little less cheesy too.