It's a Sunny new day with rotation out the way

SubTric 421

It's a Sunny new day with rotation out the way. Well, actually, it's 'still' a Sunny day, as Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist remains relatively strong, with no huge swing in strategy.

I've been playing lots of Cache refresh of late and found that Sunny is one ID that really excels in that format. Why? Because she has loads of cool stuff available to her without restricting the card pool. Because of success in that format, I thought I'd expand it to work in the new post-rotation card pool, and here it is...

Running her signature breaker suite of GS breakers, paired with Security Chip and Security Nexus we can let ourselves into most servers once our rig is set up. Cool as those breakers are though, it can get expensive, so we have multiple ways to pay for things - Magnum Opus gives us constant econ, a pair of Multithreader give us lots of breaker juice and a combination of Power Tap and Underworld Contact net us some serious drip economy. Add to this the norm - Sure Gamble and Dirty Laundry and you have plenty of cash to install, set up and feed your breakers each turn. Even if the corp pulls some funky tactics and manages to bleed you of credits, using a Security Chip to add up to +7 (but on average 4) to the strength of your entire breaker suite for the whole turn is no joke!

Once up and running (which can take a while), not much is safe and the ongoing threat of Globalsec Security Clearance, Jak Sinclair and Security Nexus will likely force the corp to ice up R&D heavy, hopefully leaving space for you to drop some HQ Interface and hammer the HQ.

This is a fun deck, which shows off Sunny in strong way. She suffers a touch from the 50 card deck, but thats Sunny. You play the long game and have a blast doing it.

12 Oct 2017 SubTric

This is rapidly becoming my favourite runner deck. It's amazingly consistent and has taken down more corps than most of my other runner decks. Really loving Sunny right now!