Poverty Bots 1.0

joechip90 93

Do you have too may friends and want to thin them down a little? Well this little deck might help you do just that.

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This deck only has three point agendas and Domestic Sleepers. My plan is to score Domestic Sleepers as soon as I see them and after getting one scored, then I go the big 3 pointers, either by rushing or with the help of MCA Austerity Policy. If they get in and steal the agenda then a Hard-Hitting News will be the follow up and, with the click lost by MCA Austerity Policy, will leave it difficult for the runner to clear it in time. Exchange of Information the Domestic Sleepers for the stolen agenda and you've got a cheeky three points. Despite the success of decks like 221B Baker Street, people still don't seem to expect tags from HB.

The deck can be pretty mean as it can put the runner into no-win situations. They need to kill that MCA Austerity Policy now but, if they do, they'll be put into Hard-Hitting News range. Archived Memories helps for recursion of MCA Austerity Policy but also allows for some nasty turns where I've done Exchange of Information, Archived Memories and Exchange of Information for six points in one turn. One final Domestic Sleepers can bring the corp to seven points although I've more often won on nine points through these shenanigans.

This deck can be brittle. Particularly if you get hit for money early on with cards like Mining Accident. However with the ID ability plus Brain-Taping Warehouse and a healthy number of economy cards you should be able to maintain the economic advantage over the runner. Successful Mad Dash or Freedom Through Equality stings a lot too and really I don't have much of a plan against these cards.

I've been toying with removing the Whampoa Reclamation with another Exchange of Information as there have been games where I haven't had my Exchange of Information in hand to back up the Hard-Hitting News. The ICE suite is the generic post-rotation bioroid suite but there are plenty of changes one could make to it. Sometimes landing a tag from the Ichi 1.0 can win you the game (this has happened often enough for me to consider Sherlock 2.0 as another source of tags).