What's NEXT? Brain Damage!

SubTric 421

Lets reduce the runners hand size until they die a painful death... Brain damage is brutal so lets dish it out thick and fast.

NEXT Design: Guarding the Net is perfect for this, but we need to be careful with the balance of the deck. We need to make sure our opening hand has at least 3 ice in it and a good spread of economy to be able to rez that ice, so how do we do it? Well, pretty much make a deck thats all ice and economy!

We are running half of the NEXT suite - Silver and Gold in good numbers, plus NEXT Wave 2 in our agendas to inflict additional brain damage. A good set of NEXT ice rezzed can be a total pain to the runner, and paired with a mix of Fairchild 2.0, Viktor 1.0, Brainstorm & Vikram 1.0 we can deal out brain damage nice and simple. Cerebral Overwriter and Black Level Clearance offering additional brain damage threats as well.

After a run or two its very likely the runner will hold back until they have some heft to get through, so we throw make sure that we can stay a step ahead by pulling heavy economy, card draw and Shipment from MirrorMorph plus Successful Field Test to slap out more ice. Priority Requisition will let us rez things a little easier and a pair of Shipment from Tennin (which interestingly is our only influence spend!) allows us to either load up the Cerebral Overwriter or score nice and fast.

The final blow is Defective Brainchips which in testing has finished off most runners before they've begun. This build hasn't had a perfect record, but it's been fun to play and hell to play against. It's been a deck that I've made cuts to get everything in and remain cash rich for rezzing expensive ice, but overall I'm loving it. There is little more satisfying that reducing a runner to a single card hand size and watching them fail to function while you score agendas nice and easy.

EDITS: -2 Next Opal, +1 NEXT Gold, +1 Mother Goddess

10 Oct 2017 haywire

I'm not sure, the NEXT-Ice is the way to go anymore. Bronce is gone and Opal can cost you the game, if you have Agendas in Hand. How about Mother Goddess for at least one additional Next Ice?

10 Oct 2017 SubTric

@haywire Thanks for the comments. Normally I'd agree, but I've found that returning to the NEXT suite has been good at catching players off guard, especially then they see it and don't expect the brain damage spam alongside it.

You are totally right about OPAL though. It lost me a game last night... so it's gone. I've dropped both Opal but added the 3rd Gold and (as you suggested) added 1 Mother Goddess - Early game she's amazing, later game she supports the NEXT bonuses (max of 7 NEXT ice is still not to be scoffed at). I still feel that having 4 or 5 sub's is great even if the ice strength is low... I'm finding it way more taxing for most runner decks at the mo.

I played a game earlier with this switch around and was much happier. Good suggestion!

16 Nov 2017 josephlaizure

Thanks for sharing this list. I was working on a similar concept out of Cybernetics Division, but ... it's Cybernetics Division. I think you're right that NEXT Design is the right ID. Since you have some spare influence, how about including Batty to help fire brain damage subs?

17 Nov 2017 SubTric

@josephlaizure Yes. I agree that Batty would be an excellent addition here. I would probably drop 1x Viktor and 1x Green Level Clearance to slot 2 Batty. I have also removed the other 2 Grren Level Clearance for a 3rd IPO and a 3rd Ultraviolet.