Omar of the Dumps

themaninthehighcastle 83

Thanks to Simon from Newcastle Netrunners for inspiring this. The basic idea behind this is to dump everything in your bin, as quick as possible to thin out your deck so you get what you need (money and breakers) super quick. The whole deck hinges round Paige Piper letting you dump redundant copies of stuff in your bin, making it more likely that you will get those breaker and Magnum Opus and be set-up as soon as possible. Ramujan-reliant 550 BMI is there to both thin out your deck but also save you from nasty brain and net damage (alas not meat damage). Spy Camera performs a similiar function but is also there for its first ability, maximising Frantic Coding and Inject.

Will this work? I suspect not but I'm going to have a good time on jnet trying!