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AlgoFl4sh 2

Trying to do something with this... I need money though.

12 Oct 2017 phlip45

With 4 influence remaining Tapwrm could be a decent include for money. Kit likes to run and you already have a sac con. Tinkering feels a bit too weak, and 3 indexing on top of maker's eye seems a bit overkill. Same Old Thing might be a better choice since you could also save credits by spooning more ice. Algo Trading also seems pretty terrible. There is nothing better you could put in?

I think that Symmetrical Visage is a good drip econ card and you are going to be clicking for cards a lot til Daredevil comes in.

12 Oct 2017 x-factor103

Glad to see others messing around with Kit and Spooned again! I'm trying the same myself.

I had some questions:

  • Why Network Exchange? I don't see it acting as a deterrent to the corp icing up. But your deck isn't really designed to tax.

  • Daredevil is an interesting choice for draw, but it won't help you early game when servers aren't deep. Why not Astrolabe? Or including ProCo or Laguna Velaso? Or, in the 5-cost console slot: Ubax?

  • Why not drop Inti and Na'Not'K for Aumakua (sp? you know, the turtle)? Having MU free would make Data Folding a good include as well, and then you could swap Maker's for Deep Data Mining (you'll get just as many cards on access if not more for one extra credit cost on the event).

In my experience, Kit likes to make one good run a turn. She doesn't typically do repeat runs, though with Spooned and Inversificator I could see a case to stack/destroy RnD. In that case, maybe you want Equivocation instead of Indexing/Makers.

I'm really interested to see what you make of this. Kit's my fav runner and it seems like now's a great a time as ever to experiment!

13 Oct 2017 AlgoFl4sh

Thanks for the comments, I'm a beginner so this helps a lot.

@phlip45 Thanks for the advice, I'll try Tapwrm instead of Algo Trading tonight. I also like very much the idea of Same Old Thing.

@x-factor103 What actually pushed me to post this here was your reddit post! I was playing against ICE heavy NBN and Jinteki decks when I gave up on this one. Your post led me to try again!

Network Exchange was there because Kit opponents tend to put a lot of ICE and I wanted that to be costly. Never felt it had a great impact though.

Daredevil was in for the same reason but I love it.

I'm not sure about Aumakua because I don't run often enough to put counters on it.

I'll try a little bit online this week-end to have new matchups.

13 Oct 2017 AlgoFl4sh

Also, Inti was exclusively for Wraparound...

I just played an improved version and did well against 3 Titan Transnational: Investing In Your Future (although 1 Clot would help a lot) and was ok against a Jinteki: Potential Unleashed and a Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within.

Here's what I am thinking about:

-2 Algo Trading, -2 Network Exchange, -1 Egret, -1 Tinkering, -1 The Maker's Eye

+2 Tapwrm, +2 Same Old Thing, +1 Mad Dash, +2 Symmetrical Visage

I feel it was really stronger than before, I still need to assess if Inti and Na'Not'K are worth it.

13 Oct 2017 x-factor103

Hey, didn't realize my post on Reddit helped! That's cool.

If Wraparound is an issue in your meta, Inti is definitely a thing. Na'Not'K is solid as well; I'm seeing both crop up in more standard breaker suites with Kit (plus or minus Lady, depending on how much Test Run/Scavenge you have). I've been running Aumakua in my own Inversificator deck, and I find the same: I just never have a need to install it. Kit likes to steal that agenda, or trash that target, so it doesn't seem to get as much mileage for her.

Honestly, with 3 Tinkering and 2 Spooned, you might not need the other breakers after all. Give it a shot and see how far things go! Always glad to see Kit experimentation. Good luck!