Apex's Fan site,a daily job

tdbarashi 10

This is the final form(not really) of apex ladies and gents.

After all these years we the self evolving AI has finally reached its full potential and decided to make a Fan site for those lowly life forms to venerate him,her,it?

Although this is now his Day Job he has still managed to visit his Wastelands and Hunting Grounds, your Heartbeat might be rising but no worries, well you should,Harbingers and Reavers are lurking in the Shadow Net waiting to help their master get a new Sports Hopper??

Anyway, with all the cringe story aside, this deck uses the fan site+gang sign combo to let you set up as apex, reaver and sports make sure u get through your deck,along with the lovely choppy botty and the wastelands and hunting grounds help you with any problems Heartbeat can't handle, add some conspiracy breakers and some tech choices along with a solid economy and your set to run this popular AI