Percussion Kit

Snake Eyes 4582


80% on Jnet - is my least played faction though. I won't call this deck top notch because I haven't been playing a whole lot and haven't had a local tournament in like two years so I'm behind on the meta and rustier than a Chop Bot 3000 .

Magnum Opus econ might be the best/most consistent runner option in the game right now. Beth Kilrain-Chang comes out to help to let you Opus 10 against glacier. The neutral econ suite of Sure Gamble Dirty Laundry Daily Casts buffs the cash up just enough to handle most opponents. 2x Scrubber is essential against asset-heavy decks.

Multi/Quality access options are The Maker's Eye Indexing The Turning Wheel, with "Freedom Through Equality" as a free point and potentially a thing to shut down more antagonizing corp currents.

The breaker suite feels pretty good - you can move around your Cyber-Cyphers pretty freely with Test Run or Scavenge, Cerberus "Lady" H1 is wonderful, and Na'Not'K is kind of the king of Killers.

Spooned is really nice as a way to kill ICE. With less recursion in the game and RIP to Parasite, taking down pricey ICE is more painful to the corp than before rotation. Depending on your match-up you might want to use your Same Old Things for the Spoon or for Multi-Access. Tinkering is a great tool to ensure accesses on bigger servers if you're up against unrezzed ICE and want to get max value out of your Cyber-Cyphers.

For the hardware options, Feedback Filter is niche against certain builds like , but if you get it out early vs them it's basically an auto-win so long as you maintain cash and expect that agenda that forces you to eat 4 net to steal it. Daredevil has been ok, I mainly like it for the +2, but the card draw effect with action economy is nice. It's been an experiment and it's been going ok.

13 Oct 2017 Noroo :D

i like it

13 Oct 2017 x-factor103

Always nice to see my fav runner represented. Also always neat to see people getting Spooned into a Kit deck. That influence is pricey, but thankfully there are lots of good in-faction options these days. Also nice to see a response to Hunter Seeker that doesn't involve SacCon. Seems like just a nice "good stuff" Kit here (with that nasty surprise).

Any reason you use 2x Turning Wheel instead of 1x Legwork? Preference or consistency?

13 Oct 2017 syntaxbad

This looks solid. I respect your emotional discipline in giving up on the Inversificator dream in favor of consistency, now that we can't have it along with Mopus. I also love how cards like Scavenge are getting a second look in this day and age. Any reason you don't have SMCs for consistency?

13 Oct 2017 Snake Eyes

Thanks all!

@x-factor103 I don't think you'd be wrong to go with a Legwork, that card can definitely win you games. I'm using The Turning Wheel as a multi-purpose multi-access tool, and two of them to try and get one of them in the first half of the game. Same Old Things want to recur so many different events too so having a tool that can access HQ or RnD repeatedly without using those slots is nice. @syntaxbad Self-modifying Code sounds like a pretty decent idea too. The only hitch that I'd give about it is that sometimes is a little tight to come by until you get a console out. The rig can run pretty light in the early game so long as you get access to your Cyber-Cyphers, and with 6 chances to grab one (3x Cybers 3x Test Runs) it's not too tricky. I could see slotting an SMC or two in for sure to help out with tutoring though.

16 Oct 2017 BenjayC

Awesome deck @Snake Eyes! What would be the cards that you consider removing to slot smc? Thanks!

18 Oct 2017 Snake Eyes

Thanks @BenjayC ! - Hmm... Well depends on how many copies you'd like. I might drop 2x The Turning Wheels, add a Legwork, drop a Test Run, add 2x copies of Self-modifying Code. Dropping the "Freedom Through Equality" and/or a single Same Old Thing would be pretty reasonable too. I wouldn't touch any of the economy cards as against some match-ups you need every credit you can get your cybernetic hands on.