Greenhouses Spawn Delicious Fast Maggots (FA/Rush)

Mezuzi 99

Rushing is a lot of fun and with Improved Protein Source existing as a powerful 4/3 and "Clones are not People", we can score out very quickly with the Greenhouse identity!

The end goal here is to score either a copy of Improved Protein Source or a "Clones are not People" as fast as possible to threaten a fast advance victory out of nowhere with the remaining 3/2 agendas. Bonus points for having multiple "Clones are not People" scored to score in 2 agendas but those are happy accidents rather than a reliable win-con.

With 7 FA'able 3/2s in the deck (Medical Breakthrough sort of counts - don't be afraid to let the runner steal a copy to turn on a 3/2 and 2/2 agenda), all we need is either a good ETR ICE to rush behind or any one of our 6 FA options in either Biotic Labor or Shipment from Tennin. Keep those Biotic Labors and recur them as much as possible with Allele Repression or Preemptive Action - they don't care about what the runner has done!

Our search options in Heritage Committee and the singleton Special Report help us find our answers quickly (Mirāju also works in a pinch), and money isn't too tight with all our economy options, but sometimes clicking for credits will be necessary if flood happens and an agenda needs to be scored ASAP. Just watch your credit pool closely.

The magic threshold for credits are:

Tech options are Mother Goddess, Macrophage, and Sand Storm, which will help redirect the multi-access run events elsewhere or stop it in its tracks. Special Report in particular helps against flood and is another effective way to search for the combo pieces, and I find myself recurring it with Allele Repression should things get too crowded in HQ.

There is quite a few flex spots in the deck in Quicksand, Green Level Clearance and Preemptive Action that can be swapped out or added for taste:

Employee Strike is very annoying - mostly because it turns off the special 4 credit window for the Greenhouse ID, which is why we have only 2x Improved Protein Source as this is the hardest agenda to score properly at that point. Kim and Alice are annoying IDs that stink to play against due to all the critical operations we run that can be sniped out of HQ and doesn't have the same tempo hit of installing Maw. Just keep the centrals ICE'd up and move fast - that is what this deck is good for!

(Technically you could run this out of the Tank ID, but it isn't as fast as using the Greenhouse ID. If you do decide to run this out of the Tank ID, you will need to shuffle influence around, which is hard since the Biotic Labors are so critical to see that we run 3-of for consistency.)

16 Oct 2017 2sj

Was looking for a good FA deck and this one works great! Thanks for the list.

Did change the Mirajus to Mind Games for more frequent fires, and a Cyberdex is definitely helpful versus Clot lock, usually in Shaper.

18 Oct 2017 vor_lord

This is fun to play and tough to stop. I did find that Vanilla is not cutting it, as I was always sad to see it vs. Aumakua. I'm going to try Himitsu-Bako in its place.