The Brain Foundry - Refining The Damage

SubTric 421

This is my brain-damage inflicting baby, which has been plowing through Shapers like warm butter for the last few days...

A punchy ice suit, which nearly all inflicts Brain Damage, paired up with The Foundry: Refining the Process's ID ability to grab another copy of each every time we rez one (no single copies of ice in here). Our agenda suite also supports the layout with Priority Requisition and Successful Field Test letting us lay and rez ice as we like.

Additional damage is caused by Cerebral Overwriter and Black Level Clearance, then polished off with a full set of Defective Brainchips. 2 copies of Bryan Stinson let us use of transactions twice (mostly) and Biotic Labor lets us score out fast on agenda.

So far I'm 6-1 with this, though 4 of the wins were against Shaper decks. Loss to Geist, who I hate... with a passion. 3 wins took the runner down to a hand size of one, which is always fun!

The draw is quite important here. We are looking for some econ and ice or it can be tricky. Ideally a Cerebral Overwriter too. Theres enough of each that with a mulligan we can usually get moving, and runners pace usually slows with caution once they see the ice thats being used. A first turn create a server, and turn 2 drop a Cerebral Overwriter and advance twice, has lured in most players and sets the tone for the game nicely :)

19 Oct 2017 Severijn

Nice list. Great to foundry doing some work. It is rare to see so little influence spent. Did you in the meantime consider cards you would splash? Punitive Counterstrike sounds like it would do great with this plan. I am personally also a fan of Executive Boot Camp in foundry if I can fit it in.

19 Oct 2017 SubTric

@Severijn Thanks for the comments! I have since slotted 2 copies of Punitive Counterstrike in place of -1 Biotic Labor and -1 Preemptive Action. It was a worthwhile addition. Not much else has changed. Boot Camp sounds like a good plan too! I might have a mess with it. Thanks!

19 Oct 2017 Severijn

Glad to hear that punitive counterstrike made it in. How has Bryan Stinson been working out? Is the suite of transaction sufficient?

You mention that draw is important in this deck, so I wonder if you have given a single Ultraviolet Clearance some consideration? It sounds like the sweetest card to Bryan Stinson.

I version of foundry that I played made use of The Twins and Brainstorm, but it had some serious issues scoring the last few points if the runner figures out which server is the kill server. I am definitely going to see if your list is going to solve those issues of mine.

Also, thoughts on Executive Functioning?

19 Oct 2017 SubTric

@Severijn Stinson gets used in around half of the games... which is not to be scoffed at. Having him pull off Ultraviolet would be seriously yummy. It's 2 clicks to play (the first time) concerned me with a tempo hit, after all in a credits sense it's only 1 more cred than a Hedge Fund, but it could be a good call.

Executive Functioning could be a nice twist, and if I didn't want to stack my credits for Punitive I'd be more tempted... That said, Trace 4 is pretty nice, even if just to tax the runner 3-4 crds on lots of runner builds. I might try dropping a Vanilla and a Viktor 1.0 to try a pair.