Modern Siphon - Los

RedAllOver 42

This is my second attempt to make a runner deck. I dropped the slow drip econ and link set up and opted for a more run based economy.

Doppelganger works well with both Sec Testing and Aeneas Informant to help keep the pressure up and the money rolling in.

Beth is there because I didn't know how else to spend influence and she works great with the click heavy events/action like Brute-Force-Hack, Day Job, and Rubicon Switch. Also it feels really nice to Day Job then make a Sec Testing run followed by a Doppelganger run all in one turn.

There are some hate cards for popular corp decks like Scrubber for asset spam, Film Critic because stealing agendas is dangerous nowadays, and Information Sifting for CI.

Interdiction is in here because this deck hates Scarcity of Resources and it's an ok counter current, I want to include a third one but I don't know what to cut at the moment.

This deck does have trouble against Architects of Tomorrow so I included Hernando Cortez to hopefully cut into the value of their ID ability, and he's just generally useful.

17 Oct 2017 ZergGuardian

I personally use daredevil as my console in crim because it gives some run based advantage via a draw effect which crim lacks in. Just a suggestion if doppelgänger feels underwhelming(I think it does but just play style preference)

18 Oct 2017 Thanat0sNihil

Surprised no 1x Exploit! Especially since you're already running it's good friend Doppelgänger