Oracle Bone Script

obscurica 1298

Inscribe your hopes and dreams upon the tortoise's shell, and watch it burn in the oracle's pyre. Fate makes mockery of wishes and ambitions -- of fools and kings alike.

Oracle Bone Script

Yet another attempt to take advantage of the recent UFAQ ruling that Aumakua and Eater actually do synergize. To summarize: Aumakua only cares that you entered the Access phase, and Eater uniquely does so even without accessing cards. This also means that Aumakua can dive into an empty Archives to load up on virus counters -- a change in its interpretation that's driven up the value of an already powerful card.

Of course, you'll need more Eater synergy than that. Successful-run triggers are a powerful thing to abuse. Alongside Aumakua, here's what you get even if you don't access cards:

A singleton copy of Rip Deal with Same Old Thing backing ought to be sufficient to keep the cards flowing, especially with a stacked-up Turning Wheel. Thanks to Doppelgänger, loading up both Aumakua and TTW should go a lot faster than it would've gone with other decks too -- a point of despair if your opponent is, say, Gagarin Asset Spam.

Eventually, they will be forced to Purge the turtle. But can they really afford to lose three clicks against Leela? Would that really be wise?

18 Oct 2017 Thanat0sNihil

Doesn't that same UFAQ ruling mean that Eater + Maw works the same way? That's another p compelling angle this deck could take even though it would force you to reconsider your economic engine

18 Oct 2017 obscurica

@Thanat0sNihilIt does. But the run-efficiency on Doppelganger isn't to be lightly dismissed. It works better with Exploit than Maw does, as well as Aumakua and Same Old Thing.

19 Oct 2017 obscurica


Use Security Testing instead of High-Stakes Job.

MUCH more reliable.

19 Oct 2017 ScrappySPJ

Are you trying to imply RIP Deal works with Eater?

19 Oct 2017 obscurica

@ScrappySPJ No, but a 5+ strength Aumakua with TTW hella does. As does popping the other breakers for bypass.