Hand of Mati-Syra-Zemlya

Rahrhino 130

This deck is ridiculous...

I have a habit of trying to build with IDs that are considered weak (I like a challenge). Occasionally I build one that kinda works-ish. Grab your spade and let's get digging...

Game Plan
Get GoW and Mopus down as soon as possible (in opening hand or through Frantic Coding) and start racking up the tags. Frantic should have put some of your conspiracy breakers in the bin so don't just sit back and spam Mopus; keep the pressure on with HQ runs to ditch operations, trashing assets and Mining Accidents. Once you get to a sufficiently disgusting amount of tags throw down a Counter Surveillance and smash into R&D. Have your Obelus out by this point to draw a silly amount of cards and pole-vault you into the late game.

NBN has taken a real hit and is not being played a great deal so tag punishment is nowhere as prevalent as it was pre-rotation. All the assets are one shot trashes aside from hunting grounds.

Card choices
Hunting grounds: Primarily for blanking Komainu but is also handy for other ice like Bulwark and Brainstorm.

Dean Lister: With a charged up God of war you can pretty much get into most servers for free which makes a great surprise run if they think they have a scoring window. Use a trope to get some cards in hand if you need to boost in a pinch.

Feedback Filter: Can help if your smashing through your deck too quickly against Jinteki.

Trope: Combos with Dean Lister and gets those resources back in your hand. Gets anything you want back in hand post deja-vu.

God of War: The most reliable way of tagging yourself. Don't be afraid to get 2 out early to rack up the tags. I generally stop at around 12 tags where you can install over them if needed and still get some ridiculous Counter Surveillance digs.

Give it a go - it's damn good fun ^^

20 Oct 2017 esutter479

Impressive...I like it, and not just cuz it's Kim~!

21 Oct 2017 cinnadream

Trope pulls the cards into your deck instead of hand, so you still need to draw them again. Still, nice job rocking the hammer man.

21 Oct 2017 Shishu

Isn't Mopus an easy target for Best Defense?