Palana Painmaker Ω

obscurica 1298


Final iteration.

Pretty much running on autopilot at this point. Decided that Junebugs were worth keeping around after all, as Mushin/Junebug is a zero-cost greed punisher anyhow, and anything to instill doubt and uncertainty in the runner's mind is a net positive for the corp.

Rather than relying on uncertain Marcus Batty/resource-killing options, I just moved the numbers around for an MCA Informant to tackle the occasional Film Critic. There are still ice-based options in the form of a triple-advanced Colossus, but it's far better to have a direct attack than rely on psi games.

As for notable add-ons and removals: Turing is a great taxer, and having only one means you probably won't be forced to put any on centrals. I got rid of Crisium Grid, as it wasn't really worth installing to mitigate successful triggers. Finally, I stepped up "Clones are not People" to two. Higher odds of blow-out two-agenda victories that way.

Barring any discovery of must-have tech, I am comfortable saying that this'll be the version that accompanies me to Worlds.

Original deck notes:

Returning back to the Punitive route, and gleaning a few tech from discussions with the Dallas group. Dumping the Snares; while they did swing a few games, they also have problematic usage windows -- and trashing them to put an actual agenda in the scoring server is kind of too obvious.

Instead: increase the Upgrades count. Prisec fills a similar role: less damage, but also a more ambiguous presence when installed, and can be paired with Ben Musashi and Marcus Batty for a truly intimidating scoring server. It's also still a solid option for the Mushin No Shin/Upgrade turn. Though 5 cards is easier to steal than Ben's 6, the opportunity to land a last-click tag, even through a Film Critic, is too juicy to miss.

Of course, your best option in regards to knocking down Film Critics is still probably to Marcus into a Tithonium subroutine.

Finally: everybody seems to be on the Mirāju train, and I can kind of see why. The card advantage from having it fire is excellent, especially when the only alternative is to run uselessly into Archives.

1 Nov 2017 TKO

Miraju is to give the middle finger to indexing. or agenda flood mitigation.