Rewired CI - GNK Winner

Crunchums 325

Flatline people with Brain Rewiring + Show of Force. SfMM the agendas, 2x Biotic Labor, 3x SfK, advance Show of Force. You can substitute a third Biotic Labor for one missing Shipment.

Some notes:

  • 24/7 is for killing through things like Biometric Spoofing (need a 3rd Biotic)
  • Ark Lockdown is included to fight Clot, but sometimes you can snag a Paperclip or something
  • Best Defense is for fighting Clot
  • Cerebral Static lets you combo against Leela, and helps you deal with Clot against Hayley
  • Preemptive Action makes you more resilient to trashing effects like Maw
  • Against Shaper with Astrolabe, consider using extra ice to feed them cards in order to get Clot out of their stack
  • Jarogniew Mercs can be a problem. The best tech against it would be cutting the Wraparound for ASI
  • You just lose to Heartbeat

This is not the best CI build right now (it's too weak to Clot). But it gets a lot of easy wins, and I am a sucker for easy wins.

22 Oct 2017 PyWiz

I've messed with a similar list, some thoughts:

What about Jeeves as extra copies of Biotic? SFMM Jeeves, Brain, Show (Rez Jeeves) -> Biotic -> SFK -> SFK (Jeeves trigger) -> SFK -> Manual Advance Show and flatline as usual. Saves you a couple credits and gives some redundancy.

Voter Intimidation to help vs. Clot if you can find the influence.

On a related note, I've had some success with a pure MoGo ICE suite. 1 Excalibur, 3 Loki, 3 Mother Goddess. Some runners just straight up lose to that, and the ones that don't need to go find their AI breaker or Nexus or whatever. You can't build a remote obviously but this is CI so you aren't doing that anyway.

Congrats on the W anyway and good luck with the deck.

23 Oct 2017 Crunchums

Jeeves might be ok, but I don't know if it's really necessary.

How is Voter Intimidation better vs Clot than Best Defense?

I'm not sure about this ice suite, but I really like Vanilla. Rezzing a piece of ice that actually costs something usually slows you down at least one turn, unless you want to play aggressive and just discard things without regard for the increased agenda density of HQ. Of course like you said some runners just straight up lose, but I think it's a lot worse vs the ones that don't.

23 Oct 2017 percomis

SFMM Jeeves, Brain, Show (Rez Jeeves) -> Biotic -> SFK -> SFK (Jeeves trigger)

Bad news, but Jeeves doesn't trigger in that scenario. If you play SfMM to put out Jeeves, rez Jeeves and then play 2 more operations, the first time you spent 3 clicks on operations is passed but Jeeves does not trigger as it only saw 2. If you play one more, Jeeves will see 3 operations, but the first time passed and it won't trigger.

25 Oct 2017 BizTheDad

Voter Intimidation helps against other things besides just Clot. It also helps against Biometric Spoofing.

25 Oct 2017 PyWiz

@percomis maybe you missed it in the quoted bit, but you rez jeeves and play 3 more operations (Biotic, SFK, SFK), which gives you the Jeeves trigger. Jeeves is basically acting as your second Biotic in the base combo.

@Crunchums sorry, that didn't make sense the way I wrote it. You still want Best Defense, Voter Intimidation is just another tech card that can help against things like ![Guru Davinder], ![Citadel Sanctuary], ![Dummy Box] -- basically any other nonsense that could stop the combo.

On the ice suite, I'm not 100% on the MoGo suite, just something I thought I'd throw out there. That said, I'm not sure what decks you're playing against that Vanilla is more taxing than Mother Goddess. The runners that don't straight up lose to it are those running certain AI breakers, which usually means Aumakua or Dai V out of Smoke. Installing a 6 credit breaker is pretty rough on the stealth econ package and then they also have to find a way to get 2 stealth credits per turn (Cloak + ID ability). Aumakua takes time to charge, and you can hit it with CVS to slow them down. Compare this to Vanilla or Wraparound. They need Paperclip (or lady), and then they walk right through Vanilla for 1c.

That said, Vanilla is decent gearcheck ICE and obviously you can't beat the rez cost. If you go that route maybe it's worth running some program trashing like Rototurret / Ichi 1 / Cobra or something?

25 Oct 2017 percomis

@PyWiz No, I got that part. This is I think similar to why Slums and CTM worked originally. So you play SfMM, that’s your first operation for the turn. The you rez Jeeves, play Biotic. That’s your 2nd op, but the 1st Jeeves saw. Now you play your 2nd Biotic. This is your 3rd op so it hits the “first time you spend 3 clicks on the same thing” trigger, but for Jeeves it’s the 2nd so it does not trigger. You play a 4th operation and thus it’s the second time you spend 3 clicks on something and although Jeeves sees it ad 3rd, because it’s text isn’t “after Jeeves was rezzed” just first time 3 clicks are spent in general, you don’t get an extra click anymore.

1 Nov 2017 PyWiz

@percomis I'm not trying to be rude, but this isn't really an open question. Jeeves is used in this combo regularly. Perhaps I did a bad job explaining since there is no second Biotic in the version I'm describing. The play-by-play:

3 Clicks: SFMM (Jeeves, Show, Brain), rez Jeeves

2 Clicks: Biotic (1st operation Jeeves sees)

3 Clicks: SFK (2nd operation Jeeves sees)

2 Clicks: SFK (3rd operation Jeeves sees -> Jeeves Trigger)

2 Clicks: SFK

1 Click: Advance Show manually, score and win as usual

Does that make sense? You play 5 ops total in the turn, Jeeves triggers on the 4th (since you played Jeeves 1st). Biotic gives you the extra click you need to play that 4th op and trigger Jeeves.