Crossing the Rubicon

obscurica 1297


I repeat, pure jank alert.

As it turns out, making it hurt to turn on ice is a very pleasant experience for the runner! Nasir Meidan: Cyber Explorer crossed with Rubicon Switch is an anti-ice barrage for days as even a 12-pt Chiyashi turns into a crippling sunk cost.

Initially, there were issues with face-check ice, as Algo Trading -- while useful to give you the burst econ necessary to shrug off HHN or install a lot of stuff at once -- isn't too useful when you need to actually break ice and keep subroutines from frying you. However, all that is neatly solved by going Stealth -- Ghost Runner, Net Mercur, and Cloak just barely gives you enough to Dai V your way through the most stubborn obstacles...

...then jack out and use Nasir's cash pool to turn off their stuff.

With Hernando Cortez, you even do extra credit damage for especially sub-rich ice!

Note: it was tempting to use Mirror instead of Daredevil, but because you're more likely to use Rubicon than actual ice breakers, the lack of card draw to help set up ended up making Mirror the poorer choice.

Also note: you're going to lose big-time to Hard-Hitting News and Bryan Stinson. It's REALLY hard to shake off tags, and you are all but guaranteed to start a lot of your turns with 0 credits. I wouldn't recommend using this deck in a CI meta.

It's a LOT of fun outside of it, though!

23 Oct 2017 Crunchums

Stinson is a problem, but you could handle HHN with Misdirection (and a loaded Algo Trading). Though you should probably also play SMC if you went that route, and you've already got On The Lam.

Seems weird to play 3 Test Run and 0 Femme.

23 Oct 2017 NuttyNewfie

Looks neat. I know at least one person in my meta will enjoy seeing some fresh Nasir jank.

Since jank is the topic, how about including a copy of Street Magic to make face checking ICE somewhat safer? You could bounce off of Chiyashi all day...

23 Oct 2017 grimgravyboat

NASIR! Thank you for sharing this. First list I've seen with Rubicon that got me excited haha.

24 Oct 2017 MichiganMaster

Oof, this list is nasty. Have you considered any of the rez/derez cards like Keros Mcintyre?

25 Oct 2017 presheaf

Looks cool! But what's the point of Test Run over SMC? I also wish this deck could find room for 1x En Passant to get rid of nasty ice.

26 Oct 2017 vor_lord

@NuttyNewfie I like the Street Magic idea. Recon would be good too, but getting the influence would be impossible.

26 Oct 2017 vor_lord

Whoops why did rotated cards show up in my search? No chance of living the Recon dream.

14 Nov 2017 FreqKing

Seems like you could save a lot of influence by dropping a Rubicon Switch or two and running Trade-In.