My Cup Runneth Over

Snake Eyes 4581


Use Mumbad City Grid, Ash 2X3ZB9CY and Marcus Batty on your scoring server, although don't be afraid to Batty other servers. ICE like Komainu and all of the grail ICE continue to gain new subs each time the runner encounters it, while maintaining their previous subs. That being said though, the runner does have a window to jack out before re-encountering the ICE, which ultimately is fine for you since it likely means that you've been green lit to score an agenda. Getting a runner to pass Kakugo multiple times on a fool's errand while getting continually pinged for damage is nice too. If I've been able to kill a runner's Paperclip, or if they dunk it from their hand for action economy, hitting them with an Ark Lockdown can be devastating for their game-plan.

Replanting is a very cool card that server both as a massive economy card when your ICE tower gets big due to the "ignoring all costs" clause - and it also lets you be liberal with where you place your good ICE in the early/mid game to patch up any holes your servers may have, and optimize it for the late game. Often times with Grail ICE decks there are certain Knights of the Round Table that you want in your hand, but due to the order you get your ICE in through draw variance, you might need to put one somewhere to patch a hole on HQ or RnD, or heck, even Archives against Dirty Laundry/virus counter harvesting/whatever else the runner wants to go through your trash for. Replanting gives you some breathing room for this problem. The card is also nice for being able to move defensive upgrades around if the runner seems to be gearing up to hammer a certain server.

Mirāju is fantastic on RnD, especially against effects like Indexing. Consider avoiding the Rez until the follow up run on RnD, bonus points if they mad dash. :D I've been playing around with it over another piece of Palana ICE that I really like (Aiki), and the hand-filtering effect along with the lack of desire for runners to break it is excellent. The other cheap codegate, Crick is nice obviously on Archives. If it is able to retrieve even a single Marcus Batty, it has more than paid for itself, letting you save your Preemptive Actions for other things. These cards can be nice just to use unrezzed on your Mumbad City Grid servers just as a piece of ICE that your big ICE leapfrogs over. Going down to a single Mirāju wouldn't be unreasonable - Swordsman, Excalibur, or Chiyashi would all be reasonable includes imo.

Pālanā Foods: Sustainable Growth's ability along with 8 direct economy operations (and 2 technical economy operations with Replanting) is more than enough money to get you through the game, especially with how few of the pieces of ICE in your scoring remote you actually need to rez when you keep bouncing the same top piece all the way down with Mumbad City Grid.

I'd consider adding a single Fast Track in since your scoring windows can get so gigantic. Voter Intimidation would be a reasonable drop, though that card can completely wreck certain runner strategies if you say, kill Smoke's loaded Net Mercur or whatever. I've been enjoying testing out 2x copies of it so this is what my build is for now.

27 Oct 2017 SourSweet