4th @ Euregio VII - Why not Titan?

MazeBerlin 70

This deck was inspired by marsellus Titan which he used to play almost exclusively last year and at Euros in June. With Audacity and the new Rotation the deck got even better and is in a good spot right now. Rush became a viable strategy and a world without siphon and medium makes it easier for Titan to flourish. Of course this is not a Tier 1 deck but it's a lot fun to play if you don't mind to pull of some ballsy turn one score attempts.

The Deck finished 4th at Euregio VII and 4th at a GNK in Cologne the day before.

The Gameplan is obvious: Rush with gear check early and fast advance later on. You have to get the Atlas Train going by all costs.

Some card choices:

Biotic Labor - I prefer Biotic over Trick of Light in Titan because you are not dependent on advancing ice first. It's just faster.

Fast Track - Very Important card. Nothing is worse than plenty of Ice but no Agendas. Can enable some game closing plays with Biotic and Audacity.

Special Report - If you want to get rid of GFIs or just need some extra draw.

Ark Lockdown - Helps a lot against Clot lock but since all shapers seem to play film critic instead of clone chip this is definitely a flex spot. Try a second Special Report or Miraju.

Mother Goddess - This is by far the most important Ice in the deck. Don't hesitate to overwrite other ice to have a MG without subtypes. Should always defend your scoring server.

Excalibur - Place this in front of R&D to help against Indexing.

Guard - is here to rush criminals. Also edr on a Sentry is always nice.

Swordsman - Should help against Aumakua or God of War. Could be exchanged for Rototurrent. It didn't fire once in 11 games.

Cyberdex - Three Cyberdex are great right now since everyone seems to run Tapwrm, Aumakua or God of War. Helps against Clot ofc.

Crisium Grid - Even in a world without Siphons this is great. Helps against Indexing, Counter Surveillance or even Apoc.

Merger - Probably the most debatable card in the deck. I encourage you to try it for a few games. It helps to close the game even if an Atlas got snatched. Personally I won 3 out of 11 swiss rounds just because of it.

27 Oct 2017 PyWiz

Sometimes when my Atlas(es) get stolen I wish I ran Oaktown so I could rush it out early and not take a tempo hit. Similar purpose to merger, but without as much risk maybe?

30 Oct 2017 Mirilu

Go Titan! :D

7 Nov 2017 MazeBerlin

@PyWiz The main reason for Merger is that it helps to close out the game in the lategame when the runner has his rig set up. To fast advance an oaktown is way harder. Early game oaktown ist superior ofc but even then I would usually prefer to just rush an Atlas with 2 tokens instead.