x3r0h0ur 8633

Update list of always be running the Gabe edition.

Masnori still not in because I don't trust tags. Would be a sexy add if you are used to managing Johnny M.

Grifter is getting even harder to snap with feint being out. Using feint to ES a big ice protecting a server just got better by giving you 2 from gabe, 1 from desperado, 2 from security check, and up to 3 from grifter! 8 credits back after an investment of 2? Sure why not!

Never stop running.

13 May 2015 Sedatedfork

I have a similar deck.

I liked the use of Faerie and included it. I'm curious about the knights and the available MU's. Do you use the knights to scout for the best ice to Femme? I have also thought about upgrading Gordian Blade to Study Guide (but it is 1 more influence). I've been worried about kill decks and haven't played against any yet with my Gabe deck. Do you find that you need your plascretes? Can you usually beat the trace for SeaSource or MidSeasons?

14 May 2015 x3r0h0ur

Back when this deck worked, knight was mainly used to land siphons without scouting the HQ ice. It works well with gabe and nets a credit with desperado. Multisub ice prevelence killed this archetype. This deck eventually wanted to tag float, so it had 3 plascretes. I'm not certain you can recreate this today and not just have it be parasite/datasucker gabe.