Prison CTM

PowerCycle 28

Took this to my first worlds. Went 4 wins-1 draw-1 loss.

This deck is really effective but also really slow.

Game plan:

Priority 1: Score an AR-Enhanced Security as soon as possible. Keep an opening hand if it is in there. If the AR gets stolen, use Media Blitz to keep the AR in play for you. The News Now Hour is trash bait when this is in play.

Priority 2: Install, Install, Install. Install every asset you draw. Unlike Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center, your hand size will diminish which can be good. Maw destroys this deck but it is useless if you have no hand. Diversified Portfolio and Drip from Reality Threedee and PAD Campaign are the econ.

Priority 3: Let's take all of these agendas and put them at the bottom of the deck. Gets hard countered by Showing Off but I have never ever ever seen that card played; EVER. Daily Business Show let's you put your agendas on the bottom of R&D. Same for Whampoa Reclamation.

Win Conditions: Score out or BOOM! Use MCA Austerity Policy to Fast Advance a 3/5. Let the runner score you the Quantum Predictive Model which is what the TGTBT should have been. Or Exchange of Information for bigger agendas.

This deck doesn't have consulting visit. I find it easier to keep Boom! in archives. Then Combo Wombo before my first click Whampoa the Mandatory Draw to put Boom! on the bottom of the deck. Use Shannon Claire to draw the Boom!. And Boom!

Agendas: AR-Enhanced Security for tags. Change the TGTBT for QPM. Project Bealefor Psychographics. I had to use some 3/5's to lower density but not Food's because of Museum. So,, Hades Fragment for recursion. Also, a good target for Media Blitz. Utopia Fragment for defense. Reeducation because there aren't any more good 3/5's for NBN and this seemed slightly better than puppet master. Net Quarantine to fill out agenda points.

Operations: Best Defense to target Misdirection. Closed Accounts for tempo. Hard-Hitting News to punish runs. MCA Informant to kill of Beth or ProCo.

Assets: Daily Business Show to hide agendas. Exposé to remove bad pubs from Reality ThreeDee. Museum of History for recursion. Tech Startup to pull out MCA, Whampoa. Sandburg rez it during a run into an information overload. Zealous Judge rez it after HHN or MCA Informant on the runner's turn. It becomes a major trash target.

Alexa Belsky and Shannon Claire are great anti indexing tech. Let them index then when they mad dash pop one for a shuffle.

ICE: This deck only has 7 ice. I only care about the centrals and really only about R&D. But it's is good to ice up all three. And 1 remote for MCA or to slow roll an agenda.

Resistor are free to rez and gear check in the early game. And make it expensive for the runner in the late game.

News Hound cheap to rez and synergies with Media Blitz.

Information Overload put this on R&D in front of an end the run ice.

Upgrades: Mumbad Virtual Tour for obvious reasons. Put these in the same server as a high priority target. Or use as bait.