Pure Reg Maxx (28th at Worlds 2017)

stephenball 998

For my first worlds I wanted to play something I really liked, and I've been a long time advocate of Reg MaxX being the most fun competitive deck I've ever played (shout out to #maxxclubb). Playing it leading up to worlds, my testing partner Ve Herrmann and I learned that it felt very good in almost all matchups, and a solid choice to play at worlds.

The idea is a pretty basic one. Use MaxX's amazing ID ability to get set up fast, get some credits and access cards. We teched extra for assets, because it's often one of your worst matchups, so we added the Mining Accidents, Scrubbers, and Hacktivist Meetings. Decided not to tech for Rewiring because slots are hard, recursion for things that can't be Same Old Thinged doesn't really exist, and I just decided to either try to win fast, or accept my fate if it ended up being a popular deck, and I didn't see it the whole tourney.

Worlds was such a blast, thank you to everyone I met there that was so kind and made it really special. Can't wait to see you all next year.