Waltz Time - 3-2 at KoS

Sanjay 2917

This is the extremely good, excellent runner I brought to King of Servers and did decently well with. I don't really remember how I ever lost a game with it because to be honest with you it seems unbeatable but somehow I lost twice as many games as that.

The deck borrows a lot from conphas's Always Be Adam list, which also went a respectable 3-2 at KoS. I really like this list and I noticed he was paying fifteen influence for 5 Inside Job effects, and I figured I could do the same at a deep discount.

The deck should borrow a lot from Apoc Steve lists because the strategy is pretty similar, but I didn't really look at many Apoc Steve lists in building this deck and I didn't really talk to many people on Apoc Steve about what works and what doesn't. Maybe if I had they would have pointed out that I forgot to put Sure Gamble in the deck. Whoops.

Crims are hurting a lot for econ right now. Maybe Kitara will make that less the case. In the meantime, DDoS is a really neat way to enable some more temperamental Criminal econ cards like High-Stakes Job, Möbius, and Three Steps Ahead (plus Möbius and Doppelganger both have great synergy with Three Steps Ahead as well).

The deck is really fun to play. I made a lot of money and got to play a lot of High-Stakes Jobs, except the stakes weren't even that high because I had trashed a DDoS that turn.

Mr. Li didn't really justify the deck slot but it was good to get him out of the binder to celebrate him surviving rotation. Good job, friend. It's nice to know you aren't leaving town.

9 Nov 2017 Conphas

15 is a lot of influence. If only Steve came with a built in breaker

9 Nov 2017 Sanjay

@Conphas Is DDoS recursion not considered a breaker?

9 Nov 2017 Conphas

not turn one it isnt.

I still love this deck and how you got here from my adam list.

10 Nov 2017 Sanjay

Not everyone is in desperate need of a breaker click one turn one!

28 Jan 2018 zmb

I wouldn't want to play against Skorpios Defense Systems: Persuasive Power with this deck :-O Besides that, I like it