Sunny's Security Blanket

SubTric 431

I published a Sunny deck some weeks back and it really revived my love for her as a runner. Since then I've played Sunny lots and lots and despite the regular complaint of her being 'too slow', have found myself winning more games than I lose and many of those games go down to the wire - games are way more fun with that kind of tension!

The core of this deck is text-book Sunny, with a few tweaks and buckets full of econ as a result of lots of play testing. I love this deck enough that I will be taking it to store championships!


Running Sunny's signature breaker suite of GS breakers, paired with Security Chip and Security Nexus is a no-brainer. They let us into literally every server once we get set up - the perfect late game rig so long as you can pay for it (more on that later). I've also started running a copy of Aumakua as 'backup'. This has a surprising amount of synergy in a Sunny deck, though really only if you get her cloud breakers set up as well. Firstly, while we walk into servers with her normal breakers, the turtle gets charged up. Once he's cheaper to run than the clouds, use him and save up your money for them the corp Purges and you need to switch back to the cloud... and you want them to purge! Let them throw their turn away to the turtle wherever possible as it slows them way more than it slows you. Turtle is also helped by Jak Sinclair for a free walk into an unprotected server each turn. I have also slotted a pair of Multithreader to help with the costs as well.


We have LOTS. We want to be literally swimming in Credits and it's not unusual that we are. This deck started without Magnum Opus and did fine, but I wanted to make sure I could win every trace, beat every Punitive and break 4 deep servers with my breakers than need (on average) 4 credits per ice to break, so Opus came on board. We back it up with Sure Gamble, Dirty Laundry, Daily Casts, Data Folding AND Underworld Contact (plus Deuces Wild in a pinch). Swimming in money. There are also a pair of Career Fair included to make a couple of those resources cost nothing to install. Thanks to the cloud breakers taking no MU, Data Folding continues to do work for us even with Magnum Opus installed (and once you have your console online you can have a Multiththreader installed too without cutting them out).

It takes a painfully unlucky start for this deck to run out of cash!

Draw support...

Sunny has a 50 card deck, so we need draw. The deck has full sets of Deuces Wild and Sports Hopper, the latter helping us with it's link point until we need the draw. There is also a pair of Diesel included. I was running 3 but moved influence around to slot a 2nd Special Order which was more powerful for consistency. A few people have asked 'why no Earthrise Hotel', well it was here originally, but due to Sunny's slightly slower set up, the forced draw it provided actually put me on the back foot a few times when I wasn't ready to install so many expensive cards in one go early on, and discarding anything felt like a hit. With no recursion in the deck, that was a big risk, so it went in favour of the burst draw.

Link me up...

Sunny loves link. She starts with 2, her console gives us 1, a set of Rabbit Hole gives us 3 (only install if you can afford to drop them all) and the Sports Hopper gives us more until we thrash them. Once the rabbit holes and console drop you will have a link strength of 6, making Security Nexus amazing and throwing a security chip to run a massive server highly effective. I am still playing with slotting the 3rd Security Chip, but so far I feel fairly happy with 2. It's rare you have to worry about the trace and tag game, and if you do, your opponent is throwing literally everything they have into making those traces work.

Main plays...

Setup, drop your resources, get an Opus and find those breakers. Watch the corp players face as your free credits pour in every turn and you click opus to top up where needed. Let them score an agenda... don't risk a run that could cost you some of the rig to nasty ice. Just breathe... wait. Then run and they can't stop you. If they are playing asset spam or constantly leave a server unprotected, then install Jak Sinclair for a free run to trash an asset or charge up the turtle. Otherwise, don't bother with him. There is also a single copy of Interdiction in here to help against nasties like Marcus Batty, but also just to kick out opposing Currents (though we don't need to worry about Cerebral Static. I chose to drop Another Day, Another Paycheck after it firing once in 15 games to score me 6 credits - there was no point with this economy engine. Globalsec Security Clearance is your MVP. Game after game I've seen the corp realise he can't protect a server after the mid-game and so needs to wait until they have all the pieces needed to score out of hand... but they know I can hit the HQ as well, so they'll keep it full of traps or useless stuff too. So, every turn you peek at R&D. If it's an agenda, go steal it - they can't keep you out. If it's not an agenda, hit HQ or take more credits. Be patient. Sunny isn't slow... she just knows theres no need to rush :)

Sunny is the only runner that I feel truly comfortable with. She's my security blanket.

10 Nov 2017 Sanjay

Interesting list! Seems pretty powerful.

Just at first glance, it looks like you could maybe free up some influence and some card slots but cutting 2 special order and a Magnum opus for two Self-modifying Code, which cost three influence instead of two but are a bit more flexible than Special Order.

I personally don't really love Rabbit Hole in Sunny, so if you feel like you want some extra influence to make your early game more powerful, I think that's a really good cut, especially since you have the Sports Hoppers and your already high starting link already. But it sounds like you are getting good mileage out of it, and of course the synergy with Security Chip is really neat.

I would try and get some testing in against Titan FA + Rush, because I imagine that'll probably be the hardest matchup for this deck.

10 Nov 2017 SubTric

Thanks for the comments.

SMC was a consideration and I might return to it, but I really like the security of pulling the Opus naturally and having special orders for the breakers... Switching to your suggestion gives me a touch less consistency in setting up, but a little more flexibility in the long run - theres only a card in it so it possibly won't make huge differences. It wouldn't save me any influence though, just 1 card slot (which would prob go on the 3rd Security Chip or a 2nd Interdiction), which is still worth the consideration - thanks!

I really like Rabbit hole: +3 link for 6 creds is decent and with the sheer number of nasty traces about at the mo, having lots if good, especially when you want to drop the Security Chip run or get the most milage out of your console. Only needing to find one to use all 3 is a real blessing too as you get the full hump in one hit and thin the deck out at the same time. I can understand why folk might not dig it, but it really works for me. Yes, Sports Hopper does help, but if you pull a Hopper in the early - mid game it's likely not sticking around... they are primarily influence-free draw support. Interestingly I never liked rabbit hole in shaper, but it really works for me here.

I've played Titan 3 times so far (I actually use Titan as my main Corp deck at the mo). Im 2 losses and a win against them, but certainly need to do much more of that in testing. If Titan gets a great start then 'fast' runners can struggle, so I totally know I have my work cut out there!

10 Nov 2017 Sanjay

It's certainly fine to have matchups that you know are bad, of course!

Good to identify them of course, because then you can play accordingly.

16 Nov 2017 SubTric

Jak Sinclair is out - he barely got used and while he does have his place a single copy wasn't cutting it. In his place is a 3rd Security Chip, which gets used plenty.