44th Edward Kim Clanarch at Worlds

Whiteblade111 963

This is my take on the Clanarch list that glass house leaked back in October. This has probably undergone 20+ revisions if I'm being honest and I played it straight on jnet from october 10th up until worlds, recording 200+ games online. I like it a lot and I feel like Mopus gives you game against a lot of decks you can't combo against such as Aginfusion.

The combo for those unacquainted with this deck is to use god of war to gather a large amount of tags (7-10) and then play mars for martians into counter surveillance and access the top chunk of rnd, firing obelus to draw a bunch and then do it again.

If you want advice on the list hit me up on slack. I'm Whiteblade111 on there too. I love to talk shop about netrunner.

10 Nov 2017 Manadog

How did your decks perform, both record-wise and against your expectations?

11 Nov 2017 Whiteblade111

@ManadogI went 6-2 with my Gagarin list and 4-4 with Edward Kim.. I was really down on myself heading into worlds and after my KOS performance I was worried. Ultimately the Kim deck unperformed in certain matchups (way more aginfusion than I anticipated) but did well against CI like I thought it would.