De-rez Los Control Runner Deck

Hillsy 40

So this is my control de-rez deck I've made for runner. Haven't worked out what to spend my influence on and I'm un-sure about the Ice Analyzers although I've only played against HB so far which meant I was able to click through most ice and installing breakers wasn't used too much.

11 Nov 2017 PureFlight

This is cool! I think as you play with this more, you'll tweak the number of copies you have of each card. For example, you have 3x each of Rubicon and Keros, but you'll only ever want 1 of each installed. So maybe you go down to 2x of each and make room for more econ like Career Fair or Dirty Laundry.

If you really don't know what to spend influence on, I think a simple upgrade of Special Order to Self-modifying Code would be fine.

11 Nov 2017 Hillsy

@PureFlightI quite like the idea of self modifying code to be honest. I've only played vs HB with this deck so far and didn't really need any breaker aside from turtle so will be interesting to see what it's like vs other factions. Maybe some En Passant as well?

18 Nov 2017 Hillsy

I've made a few adjustments to this deck. I've removed the Ice Analyzers, moved down to only 2 Rubiconm. In their stead, I've splashed for SMC and En Passant, but the SMC didn't do any work at all.

Overall I think the deck has potential but needs a lot stronger breakers that can pose a threat faster. The bird breakers are just too costly and too slow to force fast rez's and abuse Los' ability. I'm going to remake this deck at some point with Paperclip/MK Ultra etc and see how that goes instead.