Communists Click for Credits (3-0 at 7 entrant GNK)

aunthemod 633

This write-up assumes your familiar with Comrades' Potato

That deck made waves at worlds and I knew I wanted to play it, but a version that had less auto-lose to hate cards. I also knew that I was likely going to play against Omar or Valencia Rebirth Omar so that factored into my decisions. I ended up placing 2nd.

I started with Dan D's version of the deck, and as I added tech cards, I slowly took away econ cards, once I was at 2 hedge fund, it didn't really make sense to play any, and I resolved to click-for-2-or-3-credits 90% of turns, and made the ice suite a little cheaper.

+3 Voter intimidation. This card is invaluable in tough match-ups; it kills film critic, hunting grounds, turning wheel, caldera. Also if you're opponent has levy or trope you can follow up with an Ark Lockdown. Beautiful. mwah Love it.

-1 The Future Perfect + 1 Braintrust + 1 Chronos Project This allows the deck to fa score out without Obokata, and makes Philotic better at doing damage (which if you've piloted the deck you know, every net counts). Also against film critic 0 agendas, its decent to feed them the Chronos Project, it turns on Neural EMP, and allows you to start playing Voter Intimidation before they take an Obokata. Also this means you have a 3rd Ark Lockdown, sort-of.

1x Shattered Remains. Good vs. Feedback Filter and Maw, if they don't have Sacrificial Constructs, be ready with an Ark Lockdown or Archived Memories in hand. Don't try to kill the Filter unless your sure it's not coming back.

-1Neural EMP. Since the game usually comes to a standstill Neurals tend to stack up in hand as bad as snares do, and I'd rather do 3 net than 1, so this was a painful, but necessary cut in my mind.

-1 Komainu -1 Miraju +3 Coretex Lock. I would change this going into the next tournament, but for this particular event my logic was that Komainu is expensive, Miraju is dead to to Omar, and that people wouldn't be expecting Cortex Lock since none of the popular PU lists were running it. The surprise factor was great, but since console-less Anarch is a thing, this will need to change moving forward.

-3 Hedge -2 IPO. Losing a Future Perfect means you'll be putting less money into psi games, and never bidding 1 on Aiki. Also early game you'll have to not rez your HQ ice unless you have no Snares in hand. Occasionally you'll have to forgo playing a value neural. Totally doable, just click at-least 2 credits most turn and you'll be fine. If there is any chance they're running Rubicon Switch make sure to spread your Aikis between centrals.

This deck is mean, has simple turns, but complex discard phases. What I really love about it is that it destroys decks that are 'mildly' teched against Comrades. 2x Film Critic? Easy Money. Forces players to tech even harder! >:D

-Steel City Grid-

12 Nov 2017 pterofractal

How do you beat mining accident without any money? How do you beat anyone with no money? :P

12 Nov 2017 aunthemod

@pterofractalMining Accident can be a problem, if it's early game I wouldn't pay unless they're threatening to go to 3+ Bad Pub, but once your in the mid game, as long as you click for 2 credits most turns, you should be fine money-wise and can dump 5-10 credits.