Spatula City (4-1 Belgian Nats)

Wet Toastie 907

This is the deck I played at the Belgian Nationals together with a fairly standard hayleydeck, it went 4-1 on the day (winning against two Hayleys, Kit and Eddie, losing to Leela), finishing just out of the top cut by a hair. I played it on stream twice, the most interesting game was against Hsiale on Hayley. (Video)

alt text

After rotation assetspam is in a weird place, even though you can dominate the board fairly quickly, you have trouble closing out games due to the lack of fast advance tools. I made this deck to go hard and fast, to score agendas out before the runner is ready.

You get a lot of credits and cards with this deck, due to all the draw it is pretty consistent aswell. The card that stands out the most is Franchise City. It's a lovely card that can really help you close out games and get those last points. Because it works on access you can even win while they try to steal the winning agenda :) Winning by scoring three Cities while the runner is on six points is the best feeling!

The gameplan is quite simple; Spam assets and secure centrals -> transition into a beefy scoring remote. Don't forget your triggers (I missed a DBS in the game above which left me a bit flooded) and if the runner does not check all your stuff you can be sneaky and score some naked agendas. Protecting Jeeves can be very useful.

Thanks to Jakuza for helping with the deck, and to all the cool people at the tournament (I am looking at you Marsellus!). Krystian, your stream is awesome!

14 Nov 2017 Noroo :D

good work! @Wet Toastie It's an impressive FA NEH deck.

15 Nov 2017 yads

I like these types of asset spam decks, where you're playing a NA game without a heavy prison element. Never considered that Franchise City can win a game even if they're on match point.

19 Nov 2017 Conphas

I love this deck. I've been wondering what a Rush/FA build looks like now and this appears to be the answer. Looking forward to try it.

19 Nov 2017 ichigokuto

Finally!!! A UHF Reference in Netrunner... my life is complete!

19 Nov 2017 bungi

@Wet Toastie, just a reminder as I've seen you missed the trigger in the linked video a couple of times - if you fire AAL to install a card in runner's turn, then get a draw from NEH, your DBS should fire as well :)

19 Nov 2017 Wet Toastie

@bungi Yes! Thanks for noticing, I noticed the second myself in during the game, the first one I just missed by going to fast. (it did fire on my estelle draw though) Paying attention to all the triggers in the deck is important and can mean the difference between winning and losing for sure :)

19 Nov 2017 buzard

Does Franchise City need to be rezed for the effect?

20 Nov 2017 arcv2

@buzard yes it does need to be rezed, so its much better when they run a naked agenda and you rez in response and weaker when they go digging on R&D or HQ and you have to risk it getting trash if they wiff.

21 Nov 2017 Cluster Fox

Grats on making DLOTW! :)

21 Nov 2017 connorhalo

I came here to give you props on the your UHF reference. Also...good deck!

22 Nov 2017 Wet Toastie

@ichigokuto @connorhalo Thanks guys :D

22 Nov 2017 anr_marsellus

aww, thanks for the shoutout :D I played against this kind of deck multiple times today - now I know why :D Super interesting to play against - I think you really need to check and trash a lot of remotes - but that opens other scoring windows! Congrats on that build <3

23 Nov 2017 lordofthetoasters

Any reason for AR Enhanced Security over other 3/1s? License Acquisition seems good for this deck.

23 Nov 2017 Wet Toastie

@lordofthetoasters License Acquisition was in the deck and I switched it for the AR. Rezzing a free Jeeves from archives is neat, but most of the time scoring an AR makes trashing those assets much more taxing

11 Dec 2017 Rhaplanca1001

Don't you have to rez Franchise City /before/ they access, in order for it to work? So couldn't they just jack out in response to you rezzing it, run to trash, and then go back to get the agenda? I thought the timing was such that it was a pretty useless card because it can only fire if the runner lets it.

14 Dec 2017 Wet Toastie

@Rhaplanca1001 yes you have to rez it before they access, but during a run there is a rez-window where you can rez stuff after they have already commited to accesing (Step 4.3)