Come Fly With Me (3-2 @ KOS)

rubyvr00m 808

This list is based heavily on @Saan's "The Vanity Project."

I had played around a bit with his deck before MWL2 and was certain he was onto something with the agenda suite. Sure, variance will cost you a game every now and then when you're playing with a 4 point agenda, but you're Weyland, so load up some rocket fuel and get to work. The only real change was adding Standoff, which is significantly more playable post FAQ, and swapping Firmware Updates for The Future is Now, because A) Tutors, and B) Space Farmers!

The Junebugs have 100% earned their influence slots in my opinion, and have won a number of games for me. For those unfamiliar with Jemison, it opens up a cool combo where you can install an Oberth and a Junebug in a remote, baiting them into a run, and as they commit to access you can rez Oberth, sacrifice an agenda, put advancements on the Junebug with Jemison's ability and flatline the unsuspecting fool who messed with your spaceship.

The Upgrades should be no surprise, Oberth is the best Jemison card and Cyberdex helps you get through Clot.

The Operation package is just Econ and a tool box of other crazy space tricks. Scoring a 1 or 2 counter Atlas is trivial for this deck and once you have access to that sweet, unconditional tutoring you're about ready to blast off!

Priority Construction has a dozen targets, but most of the ice is suited to rush behind in the early game even without the extra counters. 2 Archer because it's the best sentry in the game and you have plenty of cannon-fodder.

I'm not going to promise that this deck is tier 1, or even highly competitive, but I have found it to be surprisingly strong and often unexpected by my opponents (like at KOS when I IAA a Vanity in the remote on 3 points and my opponent ignores it, only for me to AA + Audacity the next turn for the win). If you're interested in trying something a bit unique and off meta, I would highly recommend it.

15 Nov 2017 PureFlight

Bonus points for the New Vegas reference!

I'm having a hell of a time with FA right now. It's so easy for basically any deck to clot lock. Any tips with this kind of deck against clot lock?

15 Nov 2017 Saan

Glad you liked the deck! =D I agree that it's not super good right now, but I might be onto a different Jemison list that seems to be pretty decent. Glad you had a good time, though!

16 Nov 2017 rubyvr00m

@PureFlight If they Clot lock you, all you gotta do is bait them into an Oberth + Junebug remote. Flatline that green sucker!

If that doesn't work, you could cut the Archived Memories for an Ark Lockdown and just try to RFG the Clot after you purge it into the trash.