Under Lock & Key

Drakeheart 38

So, if I'm honest, given how much I cannot play Runner decks; can't assemble them, can't play them... I just don't like doing Runner. THIS deck, I have found, works weirdly well for me. It has a lot of card draw, the potential to make quite a bit of money, and once the rig is out, it threatens EVERYTHING.

Breach is a fantastic little Fracter, Faerie is a very nice Killer, and Force of Nature is a neat, low-influence, Decoder. Between the three of them, there isn't any ICE that Baba Yaga can't get through, and it will break through fairly cheaply. An important note: The cards can still be used to get through ICE on their own. A Strength 2 Code Gate with 2 subroutines will be easier to crack with Force of Nature on it's own than using Baba Yaga. Hortum can stop Baba Yaga, but it can't stop his buddies. Swordsman is still an issue, because Faerie trashes itself, but I don't see Swordsman hardly at all.

However, as much as I like the Rig, I feel like the composition overall needs work. It doesn't feel efficient, it doesn't feel like I'm doing everything I could be with it, and it doesn't feel complete.

Suggestions and critique welcome, and asked for!

14 Nov 2017 esutter479

This looks cool, but I think you could go down to 1 Film Critic and add 1 OCA. Draw is more important than a silver bullet here, IMO. Also, while FoN is what we have left post-Yog.0, I firmly believe that you could easily sub in 1 Abagnale and 1 GS Striker M1. Abagnale for the easy bypass if need-be, and Striker for the ease of breaking all subs on such CGs as Fairchild 2.0, Fairchild 3.0, Fairchild, Merlin, Aiki, DNA Tracker, Mausolus, and Macrophage. Just my 2 cents though... :)

15 Nov 2017 Lemonbrick

Maxwell James is a cheap connection, that provides link and works with Off-Campus Apartment, might be worth looking into , its effect can be very useful to. not sold on Chatterjee University in this deck few programs and many of them are 0 cost. Drug Dealer is interesting with Iain as the income can off set the credit drain and again it works with Off-Campus Apartment. I don't think you need all 3 dyson mem chips in this case. perhaps a Femme Fatale? to get past Swordsman. Political Operative is also worth looking at as it protects against Marcus Batty and other upgrades that can hit your rig. I hope these thoughts are useful.