Choose Your Own Adventure 2.0

funnyways3 930

Original deck notes:

Welcome to my show! This obnoxious monstrosity is more than anything a race to the finish line...and you have a lot of ways to get there faster. Turtle games in Jinteki tend to be hit or miss: Either you hit 'em or you missed 'em. Here, it's multiple win-wins! Kitsune into an Award Bait to uber-score a Project Beale or Puppet Master. Scoring Franchise City for the win while the opponent accesses one of the MANY agendas in the deck, Sub Boost nonsense Bandwidth Ice...or running a Bandwidth into a Kitsune to score a Quantum Predictive Model. Lots of fun and silly things :)

There are plenty of other weird ways to psych out your opponent, which you will come up with as you stare at an opening hand with 3 agendas and say confidently "yeah, I can work with this." Yes, Employee Strike is a thing as is Film Critic, but so are 2-1 agendas, 2 currents of your own and MCA Informant.

For those of you saying "but where's the [BOOM!? There's supposed to be a BOOM!?" You're boring people and you make me sad. This is a trip to theater! (I know the doors that opens up, let's not be jerks, shall we?)

This deck has about an 80-85% win rate, a variation did place high in a 25-man Store Champ last year and no matter, this thing is hilariously fun (and difficult) to play. So give it a go! Share your stories with the world!