IKEA Railgun (100%)

Handsome Jack 1589

"Yet another" wombo combo NEH deck. Pretty dumb because it involves you scoring 4 points first, but that's beside the point. Anyway, this combo sets up pretty fast if you get ICE, and slow if they can get their breakers out quickly. In that case, grind them through Data Wards and pray they don't have Hunting Grounds. Here's the plan:

Plan A:

  1. Score Reeducation and 1 other agenda, or a Franchise City if you feel lazy.

  2. IAA Contract Killer with a NEP, 24/7 News Cycle, and 3 other cards.

3a. They run the Contract Killer. You 24/7 your hand and NEP them for a win.

3b. They don't run. You 24/7 your hand and Contract killer for the win

Plan B:

  1. Same as above

  2. They have net/meat damage protection

  3. Score 3 points like any sane person

IKEA Railgun: The instructions aren't even in English, there are way too many moving parts, and at the end of it you feel like you did something wrong somehow.

17 Nov 2017 Hyperbolic_Mess

Why not slot some tags and exchange to get that 5/3 back if they steal?

17 Nov 2017 manveruppd

Is it me or does the Neural plan depend on them having 4 or fewer cards in hand?

17 Nov 2017 wynalazca

You can click to draw first then 24/7 to bottom 5 cards and neural.