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I was wondering if Criminal was really bad at this meta, so i made this deck.

Economy and Draw
The basic economic power is based on 'Peaceinourtime', 'tapwrm' and three brothers in the neutral economy. 'tapwrm' is one of the most powerful cards in the current Criminal. You can force corp purge and wasted clicks to get more of your tempo.
At first I used the earthrise hotel, but I think Steve have to run a lot of HQs, so I thought I'd rather drive cards and clicks through Fisk and tapwrm, and put three Fisk. After putting 3 pieces, 3 hotels were not needed anymore and only one was put.

Select ID
Steve Cambridge
I chose Steve because of the stability and freedom of using the tool. Because you have set two breakers, you can present two breakers if you break the breaker or hit HQ even if it falls into net damage.
I think Steve's gain from the ID trigger is 2 + @. because DejaVu is 2 credit. When presented normally, I present two of the same. dirty laundry is a best card for this deck, and is a card that you can use freely.
You can choose Leela or Ken, but the deck composition seems to be completely different.

The breaker referred to Andy's breaker set, which had swept the contest up until recently. You can think of it as almost the same except that Gordian blade is replaced with abagnale.

I need Maui because I need to get a lot of HQ, so I need economic help. If you have Desperado, you should use Desperado. Ha ha ha ...

Deny Tools
If you close the strong ice through the emergency shutdown, you can make money and think that you are subtracting the money. I usually closed the ice more than 6 credit. You can make a corp's credit pool zero. Hunting Ground is a good card that has recently emerged from Meta, and It also allows you to avoid annoying ip blocks when you have a turtle friend.

Victory Tools.
I have put in Legwork and Information Sifting. Because it is deck to give HQ pressure, it can access 8 cards even if it is not CI. In fact, I have a desire to add another Legwork, but I could not get it because I did not have a slot. Maybe if CI comes down, it will turn information sifting into legwork.
Stimhack is my favorite cards. It is good for destroying stacked assets in Mumba virtual tour, and is also good for match points. I put a turning wheel. I'd like to put indexing, but it's a big greed.

Select restriction card
Employee Strike Always a good card for Criminal. Criminal seems to have no choice.

How to operate
I use peace in our time to earn money and build. The remote check is done through the special order and forces the HQ pressure.
CI: Do not discriminate information after construction, ignore advance and do your best to build tapwrm.
CTM: Hunting ground should be kept as much as possible. Do not trash CBG.
Aginfusion: Take your strikes first and remotely will go whenever you can. Always 1click run. Be aware of Fairchild 3.0.
PALANA: Fill your hand. and run.

Thanks for reading. Steve is strong guy :D

16 Nov 2017 nodtrio

Why use 55 taunt?

17 Nov 2017 RedDragon2

Good Deck

17 Nov 2017 Hatesnow

How about vs Skorpios

18 Nov 2017 Noroo :D

``@Hatesnow` Use Employee Strike 5time