The Caledonian Head Cold

Snake Eyes 4581


Influenced by The Spanish Influenza - an HQ focused deck. (last published version is from years ago: )

The current meta janked away some of the big tools that the old one had, Account Siphon, Desperado, and Djinn respectively. It isn't possible to do the same principle of economic denial in this deck that defined the older editions, so instead we are going to give up on that fight and just profit along with the corp's wealth.

We do this through, Peace in Our Time, along with Tapwrms and Beth to reap the benefits of the Corp's cash cows.

Film Critic is the tech against all of the big Jinteki agendas, Obokata most notably, or tricks like Quantum Predictive Model hidden under a Data Raven.

HQ Interfaces instead of Legworks since it works with Sneakdoor Beta and nice results for a check a turn for those sweet sweet Gabe bucks.

Maui is nice for the 2 , but it's ability is ok too - along with Gabe's ability it can result in some very easy access to HQ.

Nice play can be to fire Mobius with an odd number of tokens on The Turning Wheel. If you don't hit on your first run, you gain the bucks and an extra access if you unload your Wheel tokens on the run.

Caldera is tech against damage decks, an Aumakua is basically a glorified backup breaker (hence why it doesn't have any extra support here like Drive-By/Deuces Wild/Infiltration/etc, though once charged up it is incredibly efficient.

~66-70% win rate in about 100 games.