Madam Secretary (make Maven work)

Inermis 699

Customized Secretary?
After I saw this card in one of the drafts I had played, I wanted to make this card work :) This deck also enables Maven to work!

I looked for some ideas and found this deck:

The was pretty good. But can we make this junk work? Well, it seems yes. We just need to add some good cards that synergize with the rest of deck.

So here you have. Madam Secretary, that is capable to fight against some of Tier-1 Decks.

CI - IS, AI-breakers, Clot, Notoriety
Asset Spam - 2x Paricia
CTM - 1x Misdirection
Potatos - well... fuck them, you need Aesop so no Film Critic :(
Aesop is your main economy.
Technical Writer is often 10 or more credits.
All your programs are economy when you have Sahasrara installed.

Aumakua, DaVinci - you need to run to make pressure, so you can also get tokens on this. Maven - usually strength 8 or higher. Supports Aumakua after purge. Your main braker lategame.

Notoriety - it's easy to land with Hyperdriver and your late-game bank. I would put 3x . But what to cut?

23 Nov 2017 PureFlight

I am surprised to not see Equivocation in here! This is also the kind of deck that makes me miss Net Shield (dumb Potatoes).

23 Nov 2017 Inermis

Equivocation is thought. I cut it. Early-mid game you do not run that often, and for late-game you have other cards (Indexing, IS, Notoriety). If you want it, you can try to cut one Dhegdheer or Leprechaun. In late game they are rather economy cards. I want to play 6, because I do not want to SMC for them.

23 Nov 2017 Inermis

And I agree on Net Shield :(

24 Nov 2017 Sutlomatsch

Wouldn't Brahman work in this?

24 Nov 2017 Inermis

If you can pull Brahman with David and Lady it is nice, but it slows the deck, that is by itself pretty slow :) I had it in my initial version, but there were never time to do this. I always preferred to play Maven.

24 Nov 2017 Snake Eyes

You can increase your lifespan against the Jinteki/PU matchup with a single Feedback Filter.

24 Nov 2017 knails