Percussion Kit 2.1

Snake Eyes 4575


Cleaner version of a deck that's been working well for me. ~70% win rate, out of a grand total of like 150 games played with this archetype.

Spoon down any ICE with your Kit ID Ability!

Opus 10 with Beth!

Tech cards - Information Sifting vs. CI, but is also generally good for 2-3 accesses on HQ against other factions. Feedback Filter is essential for net damage grind decks.

Careful planning and Tinkering can get you through monstrous servers with just a Cyber Cypher. Careful Planning is also pretty decent at preventing Marcus Batty or whatever from working, or to stuff a single ICE Server that the corp wants to rush through.

A Single Paricia to help against asset heavy decks. A 2nd one would be ideal, but and slots are an issue with that. To make influence space for Information Sifting I had to switch from Scrubbers to Paricias.

Fan Site/Shadow Net has been excellent in this version. Firing Sure Gamble for 9 can save your neck versus a Hard Hitting News or Punitive Counterstrike type of play, but the real meat and potatos here is giving you more access to Spooned, giving a potential 7 spoons in this deck without sacrificing any agendas worth actual points... or being a mega-boon against any deck that runs tricks like News Team, Shi Kyu, Standoff, Domestic Sleepers, etc.

Scavenge is nice to either re-coup a trashed breaker or refill your Lady, but it's most likely use is to move a Cyber Cypher around if the Corp abandons a server, or you need to move it quick to maintain pressure.

The "play" slot that I have in this deck is Corporate Defector, getting a little HQ info is nice, but I could easily see it being almost anything else, so it would be my first suggestion for a card to cut if somebody wanted to take this deck and add a card they think belongs in here. Interdiction is the card for that slot that I'd be leaning towards the most since I have a lot of data from playing it since it's release, but your mileage may vary!

25 Nov 2017 moistloaf

Is daredevil worth the 5 to install? Seems like it won’t get much draw early game

25 Nov 2017 Snake Eyes

The 2 MU is nice, but the mid-late game free card draw is nice. I agree that getting a little more draw in here would be ideal - if Quality Time were still in the card pool I'd take that tbh!