StimHack Draft Cube: CORP Honor and Profit Edition

sneakysly 731

The cube is constantly going through an iterative process. This is the corp half of the current version up to HaP. IGNORE THE THREE POINT AGENDAS (except for Future Perfect)! These are there to allow me to publish.


28 Apr 2014 Lysander

Woo! No Astroscript!

28 Apr 2014 sneakysly

Yeah, it was determined that Astroscript is an auto first pick. One of the goals of the cube is to optimize it for challenging draft picks that make you think. Astro is the very opposite of that unfortunately.

29 Apr 2014 jeremylarner

Government Contract and Project Wotan should be ignored? Seems like they should be in the cube....

29 Apr 2014 Jannic

I love that this is a perfectly legal deck. "Pardon me while I set up my casino shuffling machine."

5 May 2014 sneakysly

@Jeremy Maybe, we found that they were always last picks. In general I want to try to avoid the cards that always end up at the end.