Sea Ships

Lttlefoot 1077

Score project kusanagi. Use sea source (or whatever) to tag the opponent, then Exchange of Information to take 2 points from the runner. If they don't make successful runs, you can use shipment from tennin instead to fast advance your agendas.

27 Nov 2017 haywire

Love the Idea, but why the Mergers? Wouldn't a Global Food Initiative and a 3/1 be a better Choice?

27 Nov 2017 Lttlefoot

Something to use shipment from tennin on

27 Nov 2017 zmb

Agree.. Merger is so bad, and pretty anti-synergistic to Medtech ID ability.

28 Nov 2017 Lttlefoot

Medtech actually makes it less bad. They still need to steal the same number of agendas even if one of them is Merger

28 Nov 2017 Lttlefoot

Unless they're playing mad dash, FTE or Notoriety