codychilton13 36

This has been my pet deck for a little while, and this list has performed the best for my play style. This build has a great way of pressuring multiple servers within just 1 or 2 runs! If you're looking for something off the beaten path, opressive, and entertaining then try this on for size! FEEDBACK APPRECIATED

1 Dec 2017 PowerBunz

Looks very fun. I just wonder whether or not you struggle to get in eventually, given the only 1x of each breaker, or is the DDoS + Inside Job + En Passant pressure enough?

Could you cut 1x Retrieval Run for another Liberated Account? Given the only program you'd need to recur with it is Sneakdoor Beta, is it worth running 2?

How often would you find you're using your Levy AR Lab Access or Interdiction? Could these slots be used for R&D pressure with Equivocation or The Turning Wheel?

1 Dec 2017 esutter479

This does indeed look fun, but I can't help but pick out the glaring lack of an AI breaker. I have an Edward Kim "pet deck" as well, and I can't go without Atman. CI can lock ya out with Excalibur or Mother Goddess, as can AgIn. I've also thought heavily about slotting D4v1ds, and may do so in the near future, pending certain meta factors. Anyway, just my 2 cents. :)

2 Dec 2017 codychilton13

@PowerBunz In testing the retrieval run swap was worth it, the interdiction and levy are really just tech cards for locals but I do rely on the ddos/inside job+en passant so I just tried out levy as my restricted card. I haven't been too bad off without multi access because I normally end up winning off on sniping remotes and archives, but I do see where it would be beneficial!

2 Dec 2017 codychilton13

@esutter479esinfluence is kinda tight in my list and theres not really a fantastic AI in faction, if i cut anything for one I'm not really sure what is cut or what id play, I originally had imp in there and that got cut for david....then that got cut for extra copies of 'bypass stuff lol.