K.P. Lynn's Orbital Manicure

Vexation 129

This begun as a theme deck inspired by the best scene in Blade Runner 2049 Loving Luv, to match a human first clan tech, so I could have a good time telling a story while losing.

Surprisingly, this turned out to be a pretty effective prison deck, slowly locking the game down and either winning by submission or simply scoring out. Instead of focusing on one strategy (e.g. Chief Slee/Tourguide or trace trolling with AryTech) I opted for 1x for most and added two Bootcamps to either fish for what I needed or plod on to build an ultra glacier in space with Khondi Plaza and start of turn rezzes.

Deck performed very well, the only thing I would toy with a bit more is switching out the hedge funds. Never played them the whole tournament and the deck could do with one more ice and some tools to get stuff back from the archives.